Book Companion Logo  BORN A CRIME
Ry Smith
1   Trevor   Noah   Author.
    Ray   McCauley   Rhema Bible Church Pastor.
            Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa.
            MapJellicoe Avenue and Oxford Road, Johannesburg.
            Street Fighter TV game.
2   Patricia   Noah   Trevor's mother (black).
    Robert   Noah   Trevor's father (white) - Swiss-German.
    Queen       Trevor Noah's baby sitter.
            Hillbrow, Johannesburg.
            Hillbrow Tower, Johannesburg.
            Joubert Park, Johannesburg.
            Soweto, Johannesburg.
            Hippos armored vehicle.
3   Uncle   Velile   Noah's uncle.
    Temperance   Noah   Noah's grandfather. aka: Tat Shisha
    Aunt   Sibongile   Noah's aunt.
    Dinky       Aunt Sibongile's first husband.
    Frances   Noah   Noah's grandmother.
    Koko       Noah's great grandmother.
4   Bulelwa       Noah's cousin.
    Mlungisi       Noah's cousin. aka: The fixer.
    Theesan   Pillay   Indian boy at Noah's school.
5           "Shebeens" is an unlicensed house selling liquor.
6   Abel       Noah's mother's boy friend and later husband. A car mechanic.
8           Yeo Street, Yeoville, Johannesburg.
            Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.
12   Johanna       Noah's school friend.
    Zaheera       Johanna's best friend.
            "Shul" is a synagogue.
13   Teddy       Noah's school friend. aka: Bugs Bunny.
            Balfour Park Shopping Center.
14   Bongani       Middleman for Noah's CD business.
    Tom       Middleman for Noah's CD business.
    Babiki       Noah's prom date.
15   Bolo       Noah's classmate at Sandringhaus.
    Bruce   Lee   Noah's classmate at Sandringhaus.
    John       Noah's classmate at Sandringhaus.
    Andrew       Noah's classmate at Sandringhaus.
    Hitler       Dancer.
            Alexandra, Johannesburg.
16   Mzi       Works for Bongani.
    Kakoatse       Works with Bongani.
    Mr.   Burns   Noah's friend at the airport.
    Andrew       Noah's younger brother. Abel the father.
    Isaac       Noah's youngest brother. Abel the father.
            Mopane worm.
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