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Nanci Lee Woody
1           ListenTo Mozart's Requiem trombone solo - Tuba Mirum.
    Vernon   Woodman   Joey's father.
    Joey   Woodman   Protagonist.
    Ellie   Woodman   Joey's mother.
    John   Woodman   Joey's brother.  Seven years older than Joey.
            San Francisco War Memorial Opera House.
            ListenTo Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major. Enjoy!
    Mr.   Werner   Joey's 4th grade music teacher. Provides Joey with trombone.
            Portrait of Beethoven.
    Miss   Gaspar   Joey's 4th grade teacher in new school in Tracy.
    Mr.   Rasmussen   Joey's 5th grade teacher at new San Rafael school.
            ListenTo Home On The Range.
    Trixie       Joey's beloved dog.
            Jackson, California.
    Silver       Joey's beloved horse and Vernon's work horse.
    Hank       Classmate of Joey's.
2           1940's school bus.
            1941 Chevy Coupe.
            ListenTo Old Shep by Red Foley with Lyrics.
            Sacramento Memorial Auditorium.
    Catherine       High school classmate of Joey. Joey falls for her.
            ListenBetty Hutton, It Had To Be You.
    Mr.   Silverman   High school band director.
            ListenJoseph Alessi plays Bolero Trombone Suite.
            ListenTommy Dorsey, I'm Getting Sentimental Over You.
    Henry P.   Kleinrath   Conductor of Shriner Band, Sacramento. Musician.
    Roger       Joey's best friend. Trumpet virtuoso.
    John   Woodman   Joey's older brother. In the Army.
    Miss   Andrews   Joey's high school English teacher.
    Donna       High school classmate. She falls for Joey immediately.
    Frankie       High school football player. Antagonist.
    Ben       High school captain of the football team.
    Jolene       High school classmate. She is dating Ben.
    Tommy       High school football player.
    BJ       High school football player.
            ListenStan Kenton, Artistry In Rhythm.
    Rafael   Mendez   World famous trumpet player. Performs in McClatchy High School.
            ListenFlight of the Bumble Bee.
            ListenLa Virgen De La Macarena.
3   Billy       Construction worker for Joey's father, Vernon.
            ListenArthur Rubinstein - Brahms Piano Concerto No.1.
    Peter   Thompson   Teacher at Sacramento JC. Bass player with Winston's Band.
    Mel   Winston   Band leader.
            ListenTommy Dorsey Marie.
            ListenThe Andrews Sisters - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.
            ListenTrombone Solo - Grand Concerto by Gräfe.
            ListenBeethoven's 5th Symphony.
            ListenKay Kyser - On A Slow Boat To China.
    Walter J.   Blair   Sac. State trombone professor. Grad Paris Music Conservatory.
    Bud & Pete       Heavy equipment operators. Work for Joey's father, Vernon.
            D8 & DW20 Hauling Road Material.
    Hazel       Joey's co-worker at onion processing plant in Sacramento.
    Bess       Owner of Laundromat where Joey works for the summer.
    Mark       An intern that Catherine is dating.
            Listento a trombone excerpt from Ride of the Valkyries.
            ListenThree Blazhevich Duets.
4           ListenChoral, Cadence et Fugato for trombone and piano.
            ListenIan Bousfield Plays Bolero Trombone Solo.
            ListenRichard Wagner - Ride Of The Valkyries
            ListenWedding March Home Brass Quintet.
            ListenTchaikovsky 6th symphony Bernstein (Pathetique).
5    Doc   Allen   Band leader.
    Ed       Trumpet virtuoso.
    Betty   Allen   Singer with Doc Allen's band.
            ListenRyan Anthony plays Someone To Watch Over Me.
            ListenGeorge Roberts Collection - Seventy-six Trombones.
    Ziggy   Elman   Renowned trumpet player.
            Listen Check out this playlist on YouTube:
            ListenThe Beach Boys - Surfin USA.
            ListenBernstein - Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5
            ListenFranck - Symphony In D Minor.
    Milt   Bernhart   Renowned trombonist.
            Listento Milt Bernhart play the trombone.
    Dick   Noel   Renowned trombonist.
    Paul   Weston   Band leader.
    Harry   Newstone   Musical Director of Sacramento Symphony.
            ListenPaul Weston Easy Jazz.
    Marilyn       French Horn player for Sacramento Symphony.
    Bernard   Rolff   Tenor trombonist for Sacramento Symphony.
    Carl   Perkins   Guitarist. Wrote the song, "Blue Suede Shoes."
            ListenElvis Presley - Blue Suede Shoes - 1956.
            ListenGustavo Dudamel : Dvorak Symphony No. 9.
    Johnny   Cash   Country singer who performs at Folsom State Prison.
    June   Carter   Country singer who performs at Folsom State Prison.
            Folsom Prison.  
            Listento Johnny Cash singing Folsom Prison Blues. 
            ListenTo Johnny & June singing Jackson. 
    Paul   Tanner   Trombonist, UCLA Professor. Performed with Glenn Miller.
            ListenCorelli Sonata In E Minor, Opus 5.
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