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Ry Smith
1   Hugo   Marston   U.S. Ambassador's security chief. Former FBI.
    Max   Cloche   Bookseller at a book stall by the Seine river.
    Christine       Max's former wife.
            Mapof Paris.
            Pont Neuf Bridge.
            Bouquinistes: sellers of old books along the Seine.
2   Nica       Bad guy.
3   David   Durand   Detective.
    Dimitrios       Hotel concierge.
4   Tom   Green   Friend from FBI.
    Jean   Chabot   Took over Max's stall.
            Rue de Buci.
5   Peter   Kendall   Book store owner.
6   Raul   Garcia   Police captain. Durand's boss.
    Emma       Hugo's secretary.
    J. Bradford   Taylor   U.S. Ambassador.
9   Claudia   Roux   Journalist.
10   Paul   Goodson   Christie's auctioneer.
11           Petanque: a lawn game similar to boules.
    Bruno   Gravois   Runs the Syndicat Des Bouquinisles du Paris (SBP).
            23 Rue Nollet.
13   Gerard de   Roussillon   The Comte d'Auvergne.
14   Marie   Mercier   Hugo's cousin.
    Alain   Mercier   Marie's husband.
    Jenny   Reye   American. Works for the Comte (Count).
15   Francoise   Benoit   Book seller with a stall.
    Ceci   Roget   Former head of the SBP. Lives in Bielle.
    Alex   Vacher   Black man in Hugo's room.
            Luxembourgh Gardens.
            Hotel Dieu Hospital.
25   Pierre   Desmarais   Third drowned bouquiniste.
27   Anto   Dobrescu   Bad guy in drug trade.
    Jean       The Count's driver.
29           Quai de Conte: a street next to the Seine.
30           Church of Saint Chappelle.
32       Duguey   Detective.
        Delacroix   Police Commissaire.
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