Book Companion Logo THE LIGHT OF PARIS

Ry Smith
1   Tanis       Docent at Stabler Art Museum.
    Miss   Pine   Teacher.
    Eliza       Girl in tour group.
    Lam       Boy in tour group.
    Hunter       Boy in tour group.
    Philip   (Spencer)   Madeleine's husband.
    Teddy   Stockton   Developer.
    Dimpy   Stockton   Teddy's wife.
    Madeleine   (Spencer)   Philip's wife - sometimes, the narrator.
            Magnolia, Arkansas.
2   Margaret   Pearce   Madeleine's grandmother. aka: Margie.
    Grace   Scott   Margie's friend.
    Emily   Palmer   Margie's friend.
    Robert   Walsh   Margie's cotillion escort.
3   Sharon   Baker   Madeleine's friend from Country Day School.
4   Mr.   Chapman   Possible Madeleine suitor.
    Evelyn       Margie's younger cousin.
5   Mrs.   Bowers   Madeleine's mother (Simone).
    Henry   Hamilton   Mrs. Bowers neighbor. Restaurant owner.
    Ashley   Hathaway   Madeleine's schoolmate.
6   Aunt   Edith   Evelyn's mother.
            The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. New York City.
            The Place de la Concorde, Paris.
            Baedeker's Paris.
            The Tuileries, Paris.
            Ile de la Cite' Paris.
7   Betsy Lynn   Chivers   Madeleine's mother's friend.
    Cassandra       Owns knitting shop.
            Luxembourg Gardens, Paris.
            Sacre-Coeur, Paris.
10   Sebastien       Young Frenchman in Deux Magots.
            Les Deux Magots, Paris.
12   Miss   Parsons   Employer at Paris library.
    Dorothy       Co-worker at library.
14   Rene'       Man in Cafe' du Dome.
            Cafe' du Dome, Paris
16   Georges       Sabastien's friend.
            Shakespeare & Company Bookstore, Paris.
            Zelli's nightclub, Paris.
            Pont Neuf, Paris.
            St. Michael Fountain, Paris.
            La Coupole, Paris.
            La Closerie des Lilas (restaurant), Paris.
29   Kevin   Baker   Sharon's husband. In a band.
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