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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Violet The Congolese cleaner.
 LouisaClarkProtagonist. Aka: Lou.
 ScotchDrinkerThe man that Lou met at the airport.
 ThomasClarkLou's nephew. Treena's son. Aka: Tom.
 Samir Lou's acquaintance at the mini mart.
 Jared The man that Lou met at Dirty Duck.
 William JohnTraynorLou's former patient. Deceased. Aka: Will.
2Sam Paramedic who saved Lou. Jake's uncle. Aka: Ambulance Sam.
 Donna Paramedic who saved Lou. Sam's colleague.
 AntonyGardnerLou's neighbor. A copyright lawyer.
 BernardClarkLou's father.
 KatrinaClarkLou's sister. Thomas's mother.
 Keith One of the porters.
 Granddad Lou's grandfather.
3MichaelLawlerWill's lawyer.
 CamillaTraynorWill's mother.
 Patrick Lou's ex-boyfriend. Aka: Pat.
CarolinePatrick's fiancé.
 StevenTraynorWill's father. Camilla's husband.
 JosephineClarkLou's mother. Aka: Josie.
 Mrs.ReynoldsJosie's neighbor.
 Natasha One of the members of Moving On Circle.
 Marc The leader at Moving On Circle.
   Moving On Circle - The support group of depressed people.
 Fred One of the members of Moving On Circle.
 Sunil One of the members of Moving On Circle.
 William One of the members of Moving On Circle.
 Daphne One of the members of Moving On Circle.
 Jake Member of Moving On Circle. Sam's nephew.
 Carly Lou's workmate.
 RichardPercivalThe new bar manager. Lou's boss.
4Alan Daphne's husband.
5Nathan Will's former physio.
 LilyH. MillerWill's daughter.
 TanyaMillerLily's mother.
 FrancisHoughtonLily's step-father.
 Chalky Bernard's friend. Deceased.
6Jilly Fred's wife.
 Mags Sam's lover.
7DellaLaytonSteven's mistress.
 GeorginaTraynorWill's sister.
10Vera Lou's workmate.
 Lennie Sam and Donna's boss.
 MartinSteeleTanya's former partner.
14Lise Lily's clubbing friend.
 Mitch Lily's clubbing friend.
 LeonardGopnikNathan's boss.
17Karen Sam's ex-girlfriend.
 Ellen Jake's mother. Sam's sister.
19Peter The boy who blackmailed Lily.
 Nicole Lily's friend.
 Jemima Lily's friend.
 Pippa Lily's friend.
 Mr.GarsideThe man who took Peter's phone and blackmailed Lily.
23Mrs.CousinsAn insurance broker.
 MargaretThatcherThe former British Prime Minister.
 Maria Josie's new friend.
 Holly Lily's friend.
29Felipe The Spanish architect.