Special Book Articles compiled by Book Companion editors and readers



* Signs You Should Give Up On A Book, The New Yorker by Jiji Lee


* Book Blurbs - Glossary of Terms (Humorous)


* James McBride Sold a Million Copies of The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store. Then - overnight from David to Goliath. NY Times by Elizabeth A. Harris


* Inside Tuscany's Bookmaking Culture - AFAR.


* The History of Books in Wartime - The New Yorker ("Torn Pages" in 2/26/24 issue) - author: Claudia Roth Pierpont.


* The 50 most banned books in America - CBS News.


* Agatha Christie - Queen of Crime - The New Yorker


* What’s the ever-lasting appeal of books and bookstores? It’s no mystery. -

   SF Chronicle by Carl Nolte.

* The Thirteen Best Opening Lines in Literature - Inspiring Quotes

* How to Win the Booker Prize - The Conversation

* What Makes a Great Crime Story - Film Courage

* How Many Books are There in the World - How Stuff Works

* These Memes Make Books More Fun - NY Times

* Tuscany by the Book - Afar magazine.

* Why the Irish have all the literary luck - SF Chronicle by Barbara Lane.

* Why It's So Hard To Read In Times Of Distress - Quartz India.

* The Long Tail of "Where The Crawdads Sing" - NY Times by Alexandra Alter.

* Should We Pay To Enter Bookstores? - The New Yorker by Howard Fishman.

* The Comeback of the Century - Why The Book Endures - NY Times by
  Timothy Egan.

* Why We Forget Most Of The Books We Read - Atlantic by Julie Beck.

* No More Teachers, No More Books - SF Chronicle by Adair Lara.

* When Novels Were Bad For You - NY Times by Anna North.

* Why Our Future Depends On Libraries, Reading And Daydreaming -
  The Guardian by Neil Gaiman.

* Five Lessons for Libraries Looking to Innovate - Knight Foundation by
  Laura Sue Wilansky.

* E-books at Libraries are a Huge Hit... - The Washington Post by
  Heather Kelly.

* Why Reading Books Should Be Your Priority According To Science - Inc by
  Christina Des Marais.

* Why Read The Classics? - The New York Review of Books by Italo Calvino.

* Writing is tough. My book went so unnoticed I won an award for it. -
  The Guardian by Ilka Tampke.

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