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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabriconte
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1ChanelRylanVictim. Actress and part-time waitress at Broadway Babies.
 LolaKawaskiChanel's best friend. A veterenarian.
 EveDallasProtagonist. Lieutenant.
 ArtRoarkeEve's husband.
 Galahad Eve's cat.
 DeliaPeabodyPolice detective. Eve's partner.
  McnabDelia's co-investigator.
 DamienForsytheChanel's ex-boyfriend. Actor.
 Carmine A sweet, little poodle. Lola's patient.
 Gloria Lola's vet assistant.
 MarkSnyderFilm student. Was in the theater when the incident happened.
2AnnalisaBacardoOfficer in charge of Broadway Babies.
 Giavanni Annalisa's assistant.
 Micha Broadway Babies bartender. Chanel's close friend.
 Teresa Broadway Babies sous chef. Chanel's close friend.
 Eliza Chanel's co-waitress and close friend.
3JustinJacksonAnnalisa's lover.
4Dr.MorrisEve's close friend.
 CharlotteMiraNYPSD psychiatrist.
 Reineke Jenkinson's partner.
 JessilynBrookeChanel's competition for a role.
 NadineFurstChannel 75 anchor desk.
 BlaineDelanoSerial Killer series author. Nadine's casual friend.
 Santiago Homicide detective.
5AmeliaBensonChanel's former role. A fictional character.
 HeatherDelanoBlaine's daughter.
 PiperDelanoBlaine's daughter.
 DeannDarkBlaine's character in her Dark Falls book. Former police detective.
 CraigJeffersonBlaine's former husband.
 QuillaMagnumJournalism student. A possible candidate for Nadine's internship.
 Jenkinson NYPSD police detective.
 RosieKentA victim from Jenkinson's case. Deceased.
 OliviaDiazRetired detective.
6DennisMiraCharlotte's husband.
 DevonMonrowLola's neighbor. Costume designer.
 Sampson Dog in a pet clinic near the theater.
 Mrs.PinkyVet in a pet clinic near the theater.
7DavidReingoldMan in the theater.
 Missy Jessilyn's roommate.
 Hank Jessilyn's roommate.
 AudreyDelanoBlaine's mother.
8BradyMishnerBoy who has a sexy eye.
 BrittaGleasonGirl who has a sexy eye.
 MattieJeffersonCraig's wife.
 CraigJefferson Jr.Craig and Mattie's son. aka: CJ.
 StanGrottiCraig's lawyer.
9PryorCarridineThe victim in Blaine's mystery novel.
  SummersetRoarke's majordomo.
10Aaron EdwardStrongbowSomebody who admires Blaine's mystery books. Also a writer.
 ChrisBundySomebody who admires Blaine's mystery books.
 AndreMendiniUnderrated painter.
11JakeKincadeBand member.
12Carmichael Police detective. Eve's colleague.
 LoxieFlashOne of the girls on the Skank List. Aka: Marianna Beliski.
 LeonardoFreestoneHigh-end designer. Mavis's husband.
 MavisFreestoneEve's best friend.
 MaggieDarkA character in Blaine's book.
 Gia Seamstress.
 BlissCatcherVictim in Blaine's book.
13ClintHarcovePolice detective.
 ShannaK.One of the girls on the Skank List.
 Karleen Button World's manager.
14Sherwood Owner of Button World.
 Lydia Button World clerk.
 YolaBloomfieldOP-x Artist. Possibly the next victim.
 StoneBaileySomebody the killer is obsessed with. Yola's ex-boyfriend.
 BradySmithersScrew U bartender.
15JanisDorseyLoxie's friend.
 AdamGlazierGlaze Band's lead guitarist. Loxie's ex-boyfriend. aka: Glaze.
 Bennie A random man Loxie seduced at the club.
 Malted Screw U bouncer.
 SashaQuintScrew U bartender.
 Dorinda Screw U waitress.
 Shelby NYPSD police officer.
 Dodo Janis's friend.
 Sylvio Hair designer. Saw the killer at Screw U.
17Lauren Glaze's girlfriend.
 Harvo NYPSD crime lab tech.
18Feeney NYPSD police officer.
 Rocky Jake's drummer.
19 TrueheartNYPSD police officer.
 Bella Leonardo's daughter. aka: Bellissima Freestone.
 Ann ElizabethSmithersThe woman who matched the sketch of the possible suspect.
20Callendar NYPSD police officer.
 GracieLipwitchThe woman who lives in Ann Elizabeth's address.
 DarbyLipwitchGracie's daughter.
 Jill Works at Fancy Dress.
 Mrs.WaterstoneGracie's neighbor.
21ConchitaGomezDobb's supervisor. aka: Cheeta.
 Yolanda Ann Elizabeth's former co-worker.
 Lt.McmahonNYPSD police officer.
 NataliaDurban BerkleAnn Elizabeth's customer.
22Paullette Woman at the concierge desk.
 Earnestine Ms. Berkle's personal assistant.
 DruBerkleNatalia's daughter.
 Marsha Berkle's servant.
 Sal Ms. Berkle's sister-in-law.
 FelicityLomareAnn Elizabeth's employer. Ms. Berkle's friend.