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  1. What were your initial theories about the psychologist’s motives and the whereabouts of the anthropologist?
  2. What do you think happened in Area X?
  3. What was the expedition trying to do?
  4. Was the biologist’s introverted, analytical temperament an asset or a hindrance on the expedition?
  5. What were the symptoms of the biologist’s infection? Does this affect the narrative? What happened to the other members of her team?
  6. As the biologist recalled her husband and his role in the eleventh expedition as a medic, what did you discover about her vulnerabilities and about the strength of their relationship?
  7. Are there any real-world figures today who take on a role like the Crawler’s—a producer of words who controls an audience?
  8. The word ‘Annihilation’ first appears on page 124 – in what context?
  9. Do you think that advances in knowledge/science (particularly ecology and microbiology) are of interest to the author?
  10. Did you like the book? What type of book is it?