Absolute Power
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1. The President shows that he is utterly ruthless and has no regrets in walking over anyone in his way or to protect himself. Do leaders need to have some of these qualities to be successful? Do you think he means to protect the presidency or just himself?

2. What is the relationship between Kate and Luther? Is it believable? What is your opinion of Kate when she agrees to turn in her father?

3. Luther suspects that Kate has turned on him. Why do you think he goes anyhow, especially before finishing taking care of the business with the president?

4. What do you think of Jack Graham's character? Throughout the book, he takes the high ground when it comes to the law, yet he proves fallible by placing himself in situations with the ex-girlfriend while he is still technically engaged.
5. What do you think was Luther’s motivation? He could have sent the letter opener anonymously to a news agency, but he doesn’t. Instead he is set on a personal vendetta. Why do think this is so?
6. Good things can turn bad. Discuss the Secret Service agents, Burton and Collins.  Throughout the novel, they go from heroes, by saving the president’s life, to assassins in the cover up. Do they ever really have the chance to say no?
7. How do you feel about the role women play in the story? Are they realistic? What do you think of Gloria Russell? Christina Sullivan? Kate Whitney? Do you see them as mostly victims?
8. How does the title "Absolute Power" fit the book? Do you feel the president has the right to absolute power? How much power is too much?
9. If you've seen the movie with Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman, what do you make of the differences between book and film?

* Some questions from LitLovers and Angela Scott.