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  1. How would you describe Jazz Bashara? Did you enjoy her flippancy, finding it amusing? Or did you find it tiresome?
  2. How do you view Jazz's illegal activities: first her smuggling and then her involvement in the aluminum smelting scheme? Is she an easy or difficult character to root for?
  3. If Jazz is so intelligent, which both she and others make frequent mention of, why does she remain in her menial, low-paying job?
  4. What role has the rift with her father had on her life choices.
  5. What is the moon city like? Consider aspects such as safety, living with 1/6 the gravity of earth, the monetary system and economic stratification.
  6. Is Artemis a place you would want to visit as a tourist?
  7. Andy Weir endows his stories with nerdy scientific detail. Many find this minutia fascinating, others not so much. Which camp are you in?
  8. Did the pacing of the last segment of the book live up to the phrase "compulsive reading" or "a real page-turner" for you? 
  9. If you've read (and/or seen) The Martian, Weir's first work, how does this novel compare?
  10. Are you satisfied with the way the novel ended?
* Some questions modified from LitLovers.com.