And Then There Were None
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  1. Why was the killer so intent on making sure that everyone was killed in a certain order? Do you agree with the order that he chose?
  2. Why was Vera picked last to die? Was her crime really the worst, and why did she kill herself in the end?
  3. How does the nursery rhyme give us clues about who the real killer is?
  4. Does the time period matter in this story? How would it have changed if it were set in a different time or place?
  5. What clues reveal that the killer was the killer all along? Are there any that the other characters missed?
  6. Does Christie’s prim and proper style take away from the mystery and suspense of the book, or does it add to it?
  7. If any of the ten had been able to survive, whom would you have picked?
  8. If you were casting a film adaptation today, whom would you choose to play the major roles?
  9. Who is the bigger criminal in this situation: the criminal victim, or the person who decided it was his (or her) responsibility to mete out justice?

* Some questions from SHMoop.