Born A Crime
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  1. Discuss the role of religion in Trevor’s family’s life. Why did he and his mother attend so many services and what did they get from each? How do Trevor and his mother view the importance of religion?
  2. How and why does Trevor’s mother change her parenting style with Trevor’s younger brother?
  3. How does witchcraft figure into South African society and belief systems?
  4. Trevor compares apartheid with Catholic school, both authoritarian and ruthless. In what ways is this true in the book?
  5. How does Patricia, Trevor’s mom, challenge Trevor to think for himself and stand up for himself?
  6. How is Trevor like a chameleon? Why does he do this?
  7. Discuss Trevor’s relationship with his father. Does Trevor feel good about it?
  8. Discuss the role of the police in South Africa and this book.
  9. This book speaks a lot about Trevor’s relationship with his mother. How would you express the way Trevor feels about her?
  10. How does Trevor Noah’s background make his commentary on America so meaningful?