Carve The Mark
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  1. Why does Ryzek sentence Lety to fight against Cyra in the arena?
  2. Why does Teka agree to take Cyra to some of those involved in the revolt to see if someone will confess?
  3. Why did Cyra visit her old tutor in Chapter 16?
  4. Why does Cyra tell Akos that she killed her mother?
  5. In Chapter 6, why is Cyra not able to say her mother's name?
  6. Why is Akos shocked when he sees the woman who has stepped forward as the fated chancellor of Thuvhe?
  7. Why does Cyra tell Teka the renegades should attack Ryzek the day they return from the sojourn?
  8. In Chapter 35, why does Ryzek take his time meeting Cyra in the ring?
  9. Why does Akos' mother not warn her family that the fates of the fated children would be announced cubically? 
  10. In Chapter 41, what reason does Ryzek give Cyra for her inability to unlock his room with her blood?

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