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1. Talk about Ana's state of mind at the beginning of the book. Why does she allow Christian back into her life?

2. Jack, Ana's boss, is one of the new characters introduced in this installment. What do you think of him? Does your opinion of him change as the book progresses?

3. What do you think of Elena, or "Mrs. Robinson" as Ana refers to her? Why does Christian refuse to acknowledge his teenage sexual encounter with her? Why does she desire a friendship with Ana?

4. What more do you learn about Christian's past? Does that knowledge provide further insight into his character?

5. Talk about the party scene between Ana and Elena toward the end of the book.

6. What do you think of the marriage proposal?

7. What about the ending - is it satisfying? Or is it merely a set-up for the sequel?

8. If you've come this far in the trilogy, you'll most likely read the 3rd installment. Any predictions?

9. Do either Ana or Christian change from the first book through the end of the second (or does your attitude toward them change)? Has their relationship evolved...or does it remained as it was previously?

10. Time for honesty: are these books a turn on? Would you do this? Have you done this?

* Some questions from LitLovers.com