Don't Let Go
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1. Lily Bloom gave an uncomplimentary eulogy for her abusive father. Was Lily right to give the kind of eulogy she did? What might you have done—what kind of eulogy might you have given had you been in Lily's shoes? Or...perhaps you have been in her shoes.

2. Why is Lily hesitant at first to become involved with Ryle? Is it his name: is it just too damn perfect to be true? Or is there something else that makes her hold back initially?

3. How do you think Lilly learning she is pregnant influences her to leave Ryle. Had she not been pregnant do you believe she would have left him?

4. Talk about Atlas and Lily's young relationship. What drew them together? What happens when they reconnect in Boston?

5. Why does Lily agree to marry Ryle after having rediscovered Atlas...and especially after witnessing Ryle's displays of anger? Is her decision understandable? What would you have advised had she asked you?

6. No Spoiler here: In the end, does Lily make the right decision? What did you want to have happened? What would you have done? Or, again, if you have been in Lily's shoes (or know someone has), what choices did you make?

7. How did learning about Hoover's own family history affect your reading of her novel?

8. What message have you taken away from this book? Does Hoover overly humanize Ryle, make him too attractive? Or does she give him voice and depth so that we come to understand him?

Did your views about domestic violence change after reading? Do you empathize more with victims/survivors or abuse? What about perpetrators?

10. What does the title mean?

* Some of these questions from LitLovers.com