Fight Club
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  1. If Project Mayhem succeeded, how would a post-Project Mayhem society differ from the pre-Project Mayhem society?
  2. Can Project Mayhem be stopped, or has it progressed beyond the point of no return?
  3. Tyler believes that people cannot live unless they first hit bottom. Do you agree?
  4. Which characters in the novel "hit bottom" and how? Does it give them a renewed appreciation for life?
  5. What is our narrator really fighting against?
  6. There are only two female characters in the novel. How do they contribute to the novel's themes? Why aren't there more female perspectives in the novel?
  7. If you've seen the movie, compare the two endings. Why do you think the film changed the ending? Which is more effective?
  8. Would you join a fight club? Would you join Project Mayhem?

* Some questions from SHMoop.