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  1. Were you immediately engaged with the book, or did it take you a while?
  2. Does the book remind you of any other books or writers?
  3. Who is your favorite character?
  4. Describe the main characters personality traits:
    1. How has the past shaped their lives?
    2. Do you admire or disapprove of them?
    3. Do they remind you of people you know?
  5. Discuss the plot:
    1. Is the story interesting?
    2. Is the story plot driven?
    3. Is the book a "page turner" or does it unfold slowly?
  6. Discuss the book’s structure:
    1. Does the time line move forward chronologically?
    2. Is it a continuous story – or is it interlocking short stories?
    3. Is there a single viewpoint or shifting viewpoints?
    4. Why did the author tell the story this way?
  7. What main ideas or themes does the author explore?
  8. If you were to guess at a formative experience in the author’s life based on this book, what would you guess?
  9. If you were to sum up this book in one tweet, what would you say in 140 characters?
  10. Is the ending satisfying? Has the book changed you? Have you learned something?