Girl In The Blue Coat
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1. How does Hanneke react to Mrs. Janssen’s story of Mirjam Roodvelt? Why do you think she reacted that way?

2. What is the significance of the scene with the Biermans that Hanneke witnesses during lunch with her parents?

3. Why does Hanneke believe that her old boyfriend, Bas, would not recognize her? How does that impact her thoughts about finding Mirjam?

4. Why has Hanneke decided to get involved with finding Mirjam? What would you do if you were in Hanneke’s shoes?

5. Describe what happened when Hanneke visits the Jewish school for information on Mirjam. Why was she so careless? 6. Analyze Hanneke’s interaction with German soldiers. How does she manipulate the interactions? List the character traits of Hanneke that are revealed by these interactions.

7. Imagine you are Hanneke and invited to listen in at the meeting at Leo’s apartment. What do you notice about the attendees? What do you think of their purpose?

8. How does Mina handle the German soldier with the empty baby carriage? What does that exchange reveal about Mina? What does Hanneke’s reaction reveal about her?

9. Summarize the flashback to the news of Bas’s death. Why does Hanneke feel responsible? Decide whether her feelings are justified or not, citing evidence to support your position.

10. What’s special about Mina’s photography? Do you think her work is worth the risk or not? What clues are hidden in the color slides?

* Some questions from Educator's Guide