Harry Potter And The Cursed Child
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  1. Why is Harry Potter's eighth story a play rather than a novel? What can theatre do that novels can't? How would the story be different if it were in book form?
  2. Why is the play so long? Why is it divided into four acts (rather than, you know, the usual three)? Describe the plot arc of each act. Does each act have a beginning, middle, and end? Does each act have rising action and a climax? Could the two parts stand alone?
  3. How would you describe Harry as a parent? What contributes to Harry's lack of parenting skills? Why has it taken Harry so long to realize that he isn't a good father to Albus? Is it possible for him to be a bad father to Albus but a good father to his other children?
  4. Is Harry a bad dad? Is Albus a bad son?
  5. Compare and contrast the relationships between the three main teen characters - Albus, Scorpius, and Delphi - and their fathers. How are their relationships similar? How are they different?
  6. Are you surprised by any returning characters in the play? Do they act as you thought they would? Which characters change during the play and which characters remain the same?
  7. If you could see the play on stage, which scene do you most want to see? Why? Which scenes are difficult to understand when reading them in script form?
  8. If the play is made into a film, should the original cast return?
  9. The play is a success in London. Do you think it would be as successful if it were staged on Broadway? Who should play the characters in an American production of the play?
  10. What do you think of Jack Thorne's writing style? Does his writing sound like J.K. Rowling's?