If You Could Be Mine
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1. Sahar was under a lot of pressure academically, and had to take care of her father. Did she have a support system? Who was there for her?
2. What role did Ali play in Sahar’s life? Was he a positive or negative influence?
3. Why do you think that Ali chose Parveen to escort Sahar to his party? Did he have ulterior motives?
4. Was Nasrin spoiled, selfish, or a combination of both? Why do you think so?
5. Why do you think Nasrin’s mom waited so long to tell Sahar that she knew about their relationship?
6. Would life have been different for Sahar if her mom was still alive?
7. Were you surprised that Reza did not tell Nasrin about seeing Sahar at the clinic, or about helping Ali?
8. What do you think the future looks like for Nasrin and Reza? How about for Sahar?
9. Did you like how If You Could Be Mine, ended? If not, how do you wish it had ended?
10. Why do you think Sara Farizan wrote this book? Do you want to read her next novel, Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel?

* Some questions from publish.illinois.edu