In His Father's Footsteps
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1. In His Father’s Footsteps is the multi-generational story of an extraordinary family. Which character resonated with you most, and why?

2. After surviving the horrors of Buchenwald, Jakob and Emmanuelle are able to live a long, happy life together in America. What qualities make their relationship so strong?

3. Jakob and Izzie may not be blood-relatives, but they develop a special, powerful bond that spans decades. Is there someone in your own life with whom you share this connection? Explain.

4. During his summer vacation from Harvard, Max is finally able to visit Buchenwald and see where his parents met. Have you ever taken a trip that was similarly meaningful? What did you learn?

5. Compare and contrast Jakob’s and Max’s definitions of success and fatherhood.

6. Emmanuelle and Julie are obviously such different characters—do you think that is simply due to the disparity in their life experiences?  Or do you think it is something more?

7. Max’s parents pass away within months of each other. How does Max’s character change following their deaths? Are these changes for the better?

8. What futures do you imagine for each of Max’s children? How can each of them honor Jakob and Emmanuelle’s legacy?