Red Notice
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1. Does it seem that Mr. Browder’s character or perspective changes in any way throughout the course of the events described in the book?

2. Do you believe that the book fairly and accurately represents the facts?

3. Do you believe that there may be other, and possibly conflicting, opinions?

4. How were Mr. Browder’s purchases of vouchers different from the oligarchs’?

5. Do you think Mr. Browder was naive or intentionally ignored (at least initially) problems with Putin’s government?

6. What do you think was the intent behind the activist approach and the media campaigns?

7. Who do you think is the hero of this book?

8. Why do you think Mr. Browder wrote (or had a ghost writer write) this book?

9. Do you think there will be any repercussions from the publication of the book?

10. Would you invest in a fund run by Bill Browder?