The Fates Will Find Their Way
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1. Why do you think the author chose to have a group of boys narrate the story rather than one boy or an omniscient narrator?

2. Why won't (or can't) the boys give up their fantasies about Nora Lindell?

3. At what point do you think that the boys' fantasies about Nora go from plausible to impossible? Were they ever plausible? Are they all possible?

4. Are Nora and Sissy Lindell truly separate characters? Or do they blur together sometimes? Why?

6. Do the narrators of the novel ever become adults? Or do they remain, in some way, boys—if so, how? Why?

7. What is the boys' reaction to the journalist, Gail Cummings? 

8. Why do you think it is Danny Hatchet who ends up with Sissy? What about Danny's character makes their union possible? What is the significance of the coming together of these two characters?

9. What do you think the title means? How does it represent or apply to each of the main characters?

10. What do you think happened to Nora Lindell?