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1. Whose story and/or character engaged you more, Sara Smythe's or Baily Camden's  and why? What similarities do you find between the two young women? Overall, are the characters well developed?

2. What does the novel reveal about the position women occupied at the end of the 19th century?

3. How well do you think Fiona Davis deals with the sections regarding Sara's mental illness and its treatment in the 19th century? How well does she handle Bailey's in the 20th?

4. Talk about the changes within the Dakota from in 1884 to 1985. Is the author's inclusion of historical and architectural detail of interest to you …or does it bog down the pace?

5. Do you find that the shifting back and forth between timeframes enhances … or detracts from your reading experience? Discuss the differences and/or similarities between the Gilded Age and the "greed is good" age.

6. Bailey disapproves of Melinda's desire to update her apartment within the Dakota. What in particular does Bailey dislike? Should residents living in an older building honor its historical integrity, or do they have a right to update, even remake,  their living spaces? What do you think?

7. How surprised were you by the various plot twists in the novel. What about the twist at the end, caught off guard …  or saw it coming?

* Some questions from LitLovers.