The Choices We Make
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  1. Tegan carries a lot of anger toward Gabe after the accident. Did you feel she was unfairly holding Gabe responsible, or was she justified to blame him for what happened?
  2. Grief has many stages, including denial, anger, depression and acceptance. Discuss Tegan’s experience of these stages along the course of her journey.
  3. Do you think traveling and the experiences helped Tegan accept her loss and deal with her grief, or was it simply having time away from the spotlight of her family and friends that helped her heal?
  4. By the time Tegan meets Kai, she and Gabe seem to be getting back on track. Before the truth about Gabe is revealed, how did you feel when Kai’s character showed up? What did you think it meant, if anything, for Tegan and Gabe’s future?
  5. Tegan struggles with her mental health throughout the story. How did you feel when you realized the truth about Gabe, and understood what Tegan had fabricated in order to cope with her grief?
  6. While it was an incredibly difficult thing to do, Tegan is eventually able to let go of Gabe and their baby during a beautiful moment out on the ocean in Hawaii. How did you react to her dropping the necklace in the water? Have you ever experienced a similar moment of letting go?
  7. Do you have a wish list or bucket list for things you’d like to do or places to travel? What’s at the top of your list?