The Cuban Affair
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1. Would you have accepted Carlos’ offer if you were Mac?

2. What is Mac’s motivation in accepting Carlos’ offer? The money? Adventure? His attraction to Sara?

3. Do you think Sara Ortega’s reason for the mission is ethical?

4. Would you have gone to meet Antonio if you were Sara and Mac?

5. Do you think Sara Ortega was right in keeping part of the mission details from Mac?

6. If you were to meet Jack Colby, what would be on your T-shirt?

7. What do you find most interesting about Cuban culture as portrayed in The Cuban Affair?

8. Do you think that the Cuban Thaw will continue? Or will the policies be reversed?

9. After reading this book, would you want to go to Cuba?

10. Would you like to see a sequel to this book? Why?

* Some questions from Book Club Guide