The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
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  1. This story is told from Christopher's very restricted point of view, basically like a journal. His mother's letters are the only glimpse we get into someone else's thinking. Can you imagine what his father's journal would look like? What about his mother's journal? Siobhan's?
  2. Imagine if the book had been written with the roles of Christopher's parents switched – if he had been living with his mother and went to find his father. How would the book be different? How would it be similar?
  3. For someone who has such difficulty communicating, is it a stretch to think that Christopher would be able to write such an accessible book?
  4. What can we learn from Christopher's affection for animals? Why is he able to connect with them more easily than he can with human beings?
  5. Christopher has a hard time following social norms. Reading this book, which takes place in England, do you experience any similar confusion or disorientation about the culture? Do you think this is comparable at all to Christopher's experience?
  6. Do you like Christopher? What about his father? And his mother? Are they good people? Do you sympathize them when they behave unskillfully, or blame them for their shortcomings?
* Some questions from SHMoop.