The Prince
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1. Does The Prince present justice as nothing more than the interest of the stronger?

2. What constraints on a prince’s freedom of action does Machiavelli recognize?

3. Does Machiavelli believe that ethical considerations have a role to play in the conduct of a prince?

4. According to Machiavelli, what roles do fate and fortune play in human life?

5. Does Machiavelli believe that political entities are created by human effort, or do they exist naturally?

6. In securing the state, to what extent should a prince be motivated by the happiness of the people?

7. Why does Machiavelli believe that a prince must be willing to use force to achieve his ends?

8. According to Machiavelli, do moral ends justify immoral means?

9. How does Machiavelli define virtue?

10. Why does Machiavelli end his work with a plea for the House of Medici to liberate Italy?