The Princess Diaries
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1. In what ways does this novel convince readers that Mia does not know her father's family is royal and that she is a princess? How is the novel unbelievable that Mia was unaware of her royal status?

2. How does this novel compare to other young adult fictional depictions of princesses? How is Cabot's approach more realistic than other works? Are elements of romance essential to telling stories about princesses? Why or why not? How can this novel be considered a fairy tale?

3. How does the diary format help or impede characterization and plot development in this novel? Contrast how this technique succeeds or fails with other fictional journals, particularly those about princesses.

4. How was Mia normal and abnormal before news about her princess status became public? How does the extraordinary information that she is a princess make her seem more normal?

* Some questions from BookRags.