The Wind In The Willows
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1. It is obvious why the story begins as it does: it is spring, and Mole moves out into the world. Why does it end as it does?

2. Although this is a very cheerful book, with many kind people and enjoyable actions, there are also numerous blunders and even examples of bad behavior. What exactly are the misdeeds of Toad? What are the faults of the Wild Wooders (ferrets, weasels and stoats)? What blunders can you think of that are made by "good" characters? For instance, is Ratty's penchant for writing poetry a weakness?

3. Mole, Ratty, Badger, and even Toad each have some specific qualities that make them good companions and admirable people. What are those qualities, and how do they affect the roles the four play in the story. For instance, it is Ratty who is putting together the armament for the friends when they are going to clear out Toad Hall. Would it be equally appropriate for it to be Mole or Badger? Do you think Grahame cheats a little in favor of Mole?

4. Several houses are described in detail: how are they alike, and how and why do they differ? Is Toad Hall shown as a home, as Mole's, Ratty's, and Badger's dwellings are? What about the caravan?

5. Each chapter has at least one visually memorable event. Because these events usually require motion and often evoke other senses besides sight and sound, they often are not illustrated. Choose several chapters in which the climactic scene is not illustrated in your book and explain what you would see, hear, smell, feel, etc. if a multimedia, multisensory "illustration" could be created. Don't forget taste!

6. This is the last book we will read which contains fantastic elements. What are those elements, how do they compare with the elements of fantasy in Alice, Princess and Goblin, Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan? How does it compare to Jungle Books? How do the real world and the fantasy interact in each case. In this book, what would be lost and what could be kept if there were no fantasy--if, for instance, the characters were all people?