This Is What Happened
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1. Well, what did happen? To what does Clinton attribute her 2016 electoral college loss? What factors were beyond her control? What mistakes does she accept responsibility for? At whom or what does she point a finger?

2. Some reviewers say that, in her book, Clinton refuses to accept responsibiity for her own missteps. Other reviewers say she is gracious and self-effacing in taking much of the blame. What do you think: does she level blame at others …or accept the role she played in her loss?

3. Is Clinton "letting [her] guard down" as she claims she does in this book? Do you feel she goes inward in order to reveal aspects of her true self? Or does she put up a screen? In other words, how open and frank is Clinton in this account?

4. Follow-up to Question 3: At one point, Clinton says, "I wear my composure like a suit of armor—for better or for worse" Good thing? Bad thing? What actually does she mean?

5. How would you describe Senator Bernie Sanders' role in the campaign and in Clinton's ultimate loss? How does Clinton describe his role?

6. How does Clinton assess her West Virginia missteps? Talk about her insights into why so many of the coal miners seem to have voted against their own economic interests? Do you think Clinton is correct …or at least close?

7. Be sure to talk about the email imbroglio, then-FBI-director James Comey's actions, and Russian interference.

8. What are some of the lessons on the campaign trail Clinton says she learned from Donald Trump — lessons she feels can be applied in predicting the kind of President he will make (has made, is making)? How accurate or inaccurate do you think her predictions have been so far?

9. What do you think of Hillary Rodham Clinton? Does this book confirm or alter your views of her?

10. How does Clinton say she consoled herself after losing?

11. What role did feminism and antifeminism play in the election?

* Some questions from LitLovers.