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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Grace       Peach's mother. aka: Grasie.
    Janie       Grace's best friend.
    Max       Grace's boyfriend.
    Amelia Marie   Johnson   Grace's daughter. aka: Peach/Milly.
    Catalina       Worked for online marketing firm.
    Daniel       Website designer.
    Dolly       Daniel's dog.
    Melissa   Taylor   Grace's mother.
    Joaquin       Grace's half-brother. aka: Joaq.
    Gloria Grace       Grace's grandmother.
    Maya       Grace's half-sister.
2   Lauren       Maya's sister. aka: Laur.
    Claire       Maya's girlfriend.
    Emily   Whitmore   Maya's best friend.
    Scooch       Maya's pet turtle.
    Nonie       Maya's great grandma.
3   Mark       Joaquin's foster father.
    Linda       Mark's wife.
    Joaquin   Gutierrez Sr.   Joaq's father.
    Juanita       Joaquin's previous foster mother.
    Evelyn       Organized the water balloon fight.
    Rick       Juanita's husband.
4   Stephanie       Max's girl.
    Diane       Maya's foster mother.
    Bob       Diane's husband.
    Steve       Grace's foster father.
5   Caleb       Claire's brother.
    Cassandra       Claire's sister.
    Christian       Cassandra's brother.
    Cara       Claire's mother.
    Craig       Cara's husband.
    Gus       Joaquin's co-worker.
6   Allison       Joaquin's social worker.
    Bryson       Pencil holder maker.
    Elizabeth       Joaquin's girlfriend. aka: Birdie.
    Kristy       Girl who admired Joaquin.
    Eva       One of the foster siblings.
    Ana       Joaquin's therapist.
    Judy   Brown   Birdie's mother.
    David   Brown   Judy's husband.
    Marjorie       Joaquin's best friend.
    Meeka       Joaquin's foster sister.
7   Rachel       Janie's new friend.
    Zach   Anderson   Grace's classmate.
    Mrs.   Mendoza   Grace's English teacher.
    Miriam       Grace's worst classmate.
    Adam   Dupane   Max's friend.
    Mr.   Hill   Grace's U.S. History teacher.
    Jose       Member of the football team.
    Rafael   Martinez   Grace's new friend. aka: Rafe.
9   Mr.   Buchanan   Joaquin's adoptive father.
    Mrs.   Buchanan   Joaquin's adoptive mother.
15   Melanie       Lauren's friend.
    Etsy       Birdie's grandmother.
16   Elaine       Grace's neighbor.
18   Natalie       Buchanan's baby.
19   Michael       Grace's therapist.
24   Colin   Maller   Birdie's friend.
25   Jessica       Melissa Taylor's sister. aka: Jess.
29   Dr.   Alvarez   Joaquin's professor in Sociology.