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Characters By Chapter
Jane Hale
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1DavidNelsonPresident of the United States.
 NickCappuanoVice President of the United States.
 SamanthaHollandWashington Metro Police Dept. Homicide Lieutenant. Aka Sam.
 Spencer Sam's brother-in-law.
 ChristopherNelsonDavid's son.
 Angela Sam's sister and Spencer's wife.
 Ella Angela and Spencer's daughter.
 JohnBrantly Jr.aka Brant. Lead Secret Service Agent on Nick's detail.
 Scott DunlapCappuanoaka Scotty. 13-year old son of Sam and Nick.
 FredericoCruzSam's partner and friend. Aka Freddie.
 ElinSvendsenFreddie's fiancée.
 BrandonHalliwellChairman of Democratic National Committee.
2Mike Sam's brother-in-law.
 Tracy Sam's eldest sister.
 Angela Sam's sister.
 JohnO'ConnorNick's best friend. Deceased.
3Liam Secret Service Agent on Scotty's detail.
 SkipHollandSam's father. Former Deputy Chief of Washington MPD.
 CeliaHollandSkip's wife.
 LindseyMcNamaraChief Medical Examiner.
 ByronTomlinsonDeputy Medical Examiner.
 JamalJackson15 years old. Victim.
 DanitaJacksonJamal's mother.
 MistyJacksonJamal's sister.
 TamaraJacksonJamal's sister.
 TommyGonzalesaka Gonzo. Sergeant. Member of Sam's Homicide team.
 VincentAndinaJamal's friend.
 Corey RichieJamal's friend.
  ArchelottaLieutenant from Washington MPD's IT squad. Aka Archie.
4DarrenTaborReporter from the Washington Star.
  MaloneCaptain. Sam's boss, friend and mentor.
 TomForresterU.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia.
  RamseySergeant from Washington MPD.
  StahlLieutenant. Sam's former Commanding Officer.
 DaniCarlucciDetective Washington MPD. Member Sam's Homicide team.
 GigiDominguezDetective Washington MPD. Member Sam's Homicide team.
 Peter Sam's ex-husband. Deceased.
5MelodyKramer31 years old. Works in financial management at Interior. Victim.
 JoeKramerMelody's husband. Director of Marketing at a creative firm.
 Sarah Joe's sister.
 Kelsey Witness.
 Charlie Kelsey's boyfriend.
6JoeFarnsworthPolice Chief of Washington MPD. Skip's closest friend.
 SridharKapoor35 years old. Student at Georgetown University. Victim.
 Rayna Sridhar's wife. Graduate Student at Georgetown University.
 Eric Secret Service Agent assigned to Nick.
7CarolineBrinkley26 years old. Waitress. Victim.
 Shelby Nick and Sam's Assistant.
 Noah Shelby's son.
 AveryHillDirector FBI's Criminal Investigation Division. Shelby's fiancé.
 Melinda Secret Service Agent. Part of Nick's protection detail.
 Delilah Caroline's roommate.
  Brinkley(Mrs.) Caroline's mother.
 RobertBrinkleyCaroline's father.
 JeannieMcBrideDetective. Member of Sam's Homicide team.
8 HarrisonCaptain of the Gang Unit in Washington Metro PD.
 CameronGreenDetective that Sam hires to be part of her Homicide team.
 A.J.ArnoldDetective. Gonzo's former partner. Deceased.
  HernandezCaptain. Patrol Commander.
  KeeneyPatrol Officer.
9TraceSimmonsDating Tamara. Gangbanger. Drug dealer.
 FaithMillerRaped by Darius.
 QuentinJohnsonSon of a drug dealer. Deceased.
 AndySimoneNick's friend. Lawyer.
 KurtHagerAndy's colleague. Criminal Defense Attorney.
10 HaggertyLieutenant. Commander of the Crime Scene Unit.
 Brenda Sam's mother.
12 TruloWashington MPD's Staff Psychiatrist.
 TerryO'ConnorJohn's brother. Nick's Chief of Staff and Lindsey's fiancé.
 GrahamO'ConnorFather of Terry and John. Nick's mentor. Retired Senator.
14LaineO'ConnorGraham's wife.
15 ConklinDeputy Chief. aka Conky.
16Mary BethPhillipsTrace's Lawyer from Public Defender's Office.
17VanessaMarchand6 years old. aka Nessa. Victim.
 TreyMarchandVanessa's father.
 JamieMarchandTrey's brother.
 JesseBestLocal Commander of the U.S. Marshal Service.
  NorrisCaptain. Works in Public Affairs of Washington MPD.
 KennethWallackRetired Captain of Washington MPD. Sharpshooter.
 CarlosVegaFormer Army Ranger. Decorated Sharpshooter Iraqi war.
 DouglasSimpsonEx-Navy SEAL. Received Purple Heart in Afghanistan.
 Mary JaneDemmersOwners of the stolen SUV.
 RodDemmersHusband of Mary Jane.
18 FitzgivensSharpshooter of Washington MPD.
  SellerSharpshooter of Washington MPD.
  NicholsonSWAT Captain.
19Leslie Kenny's wife.
20Helen Chiefs Joe's Admin.
 JianChang34 years old. Nurse at George Washington Hospital. Victim.
21 AndersonDoctor at George Washington Hospital.
22EricaLucasSpecial Victim's Unit (SVU) Detective.
 RosemaryMerrillAvery's Psychiatrist.
24WillTyroneFormer member of Sam's Homicide team.
 Christina Gonzo's girlfriend and Nick's former colleague.
 Alex Gonzo's son.
 Angel Victim.
 RobertoCastroAngel's boyfriend.
26DerekKavanaughPresident Nelson's Deputy Chief of Staff. Nick's friend.
 LiliaVan NostrandSam's Chief of Staff at the White House.
 HarryFlynnNick's long-time friend.
 Darcy Secret Service Agent.
28GloriaNelsonFirst Lady. Wife of David Nelson.
29JacquelineDiMaioMissing Persons Detective.
 CurtisMooreKenny's stepson.