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Our edited books are listed in categories: Classic, Fiction, Mystery, Non-Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller and Young Adult. For each of the hundreds of listed books we provide quick book reviews with a simple cursor rollover or a tap of your mobile device. You'll also see how many characters and links are in each book, plus the Amazon rating. When you click or tap the cover a second time, you're linked to our character list by chapter page.

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Forgot the characters? Find them in the character list in the chapter in which they were first introduced. A brief description tells you who they are. We also provide an alphabetical character list. Use on your computer, mobile device or print a copy.

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Every posted book also has a LINKS page. Here's where you can see author information, discussion questions and book reviews, including a quick Book Companion review. Additionally, we've enhanced the story with our VIEW/MAP/LISTEN/MOVIE feature. Here's where Book Companion provides links to images, maps, audio and movies related to the story. We provide everything you need to increase your enjoyment and understanding of the book.

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