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Our edited books are listed in categories: Classic, Fiction, Mystery, Non-Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller and Young Adult. For each of the hundreds of listed books we provide quick book reviews with a simple cursor rollover or a tap of your mobile device. You'll also see how many characters and links are in each book, plus the Amazon rating. When you click or tap the cover a second time, you're linked to our character list by chapter page.

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Forgot the characters? Find them in the character list in the chapter in which they were first introduced. A brief description tells you who they are. We also provide an alphabetical character list. Use on your computer, mobile device or print a copy.

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Additionally, we've enhanced the story with our VIEW/MAP/LISTEN/MOVIE feature. Here's where Book Companion provides links to images, maps, audio and movies related to the story. On our Links Page you'll find details about the author, a link to their website, reviews of the book and discussion questions. We provide everything you need to increase your enjoyment and understanding of the book.

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