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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Effia   Otcher   The child of the night's fire. The protaganist.
    Cobbe   Otcher   Effia's father.
    Baaba       Cobbe's wife.
    Nyame       The Akan god.
    Fiiti       Baaba's first son.
    Adwoa   Aidoo   The first village girl engaged to a British soldier.
    Abbeku   Badu   Next in line to be the village chief.
    Arekua       Abeku's first wife.
    Millicent       The half-cast daughter of Fonte woman and British soldier.
    James. R.   Collins   Appointed Governor of the Cape-Coast Castle.
    Anne       James's first wife.
    Emily       James's daughter.
    Jimmy       Emily's brother.
    Todd   Phillips   Adwoa's husband.
    Sarah       The half-cast wench of Sam York.
    Eccoah       New wench.
    Sam       Married to Sarah.
    Apothecaries       Witch doctor.
2   Afua       A mother with no milk.
    Esi       Girl who spent her 15th birthday in the dungeon.
    Kwame   Asare   Esi's father. aka: Big Man.
    Kwasi   Nnuro   Brought 60 yams for Esi.
    Tansi       Esi's jouney friend.
    Maame       Big Man's third wife.
    Kwaku   Agyei   The most sensible among the warriors.
    Nana   Addae   The warrior.
    Kojo   Nyarko   Big Man's eldest son.
    Kwabena   Gyimah   The warrior.
    Abronomia       Maama's housegirl.
    Amma       Big Man's first wife.
3   Quey       Effia's son.
    Cudjo   Sackee   Quey's old friend.
    Timothy   Hightower   Officer eager to impress the chief.
    Nana   Yaa   Eldest daughter of Osei Bonsu. Quey's wife.
4   Ness       Esi's daughter.
    Devil       The master of hell.
    Thomas A.   Stockham   A good master.
    TimTam       A gift to the Stockham family from neighbors.
    Margaret       The head house slave.
    Pinky       TimTam's daughter.
    Susan       Tom Allan's wife.
    Mavis       A woman who opened the door to help TimTam.
    Ruthie       Anna's cousin.
    Harriet       Woman who rendered her last remedy to Pinky.
    Tom Jr.       Tom Allan's son.
    Mary       Tom Allan's daughter.
    Kojo   Freeman   Ness's son. aka: Jo.
    Tame       Hardworker who rarely fought or caused trouble.
    Aku       Took care of and hid Jo when he was a child.
5   Charles   MacCarthy   A Governor.
    James   Collins   Grandson of James R. Collins. Quey's son. aka: Unlucky.
    David       Quey's friend in England.
    Catherine       David's wife.
    Amma   Atta   Daughter of Chief Abeeku Badu.
    Kofi       Nana Yaa's eldest brother.
    Osei   Yau   The new King.
    Kwame       James's (Unlucky's) cousin.
    Akosua   Mensah   Abena's mother
    Mampanyin       The premiere apothecary. A witch doctor.
    White   Doctor   A kind, unmarried doctor.
6   Alice       An old woman who was robbed.
    Poot       Jo's friend.
    Jim       Pig feet's vendor.
    Anna       Kojo's wife.
    Mirabel       Jo's first love.
    Mr.   Mathison   Told his son to always lend a helping hand.
    Agnes       Timmy's wife.
    Beula       Anna's beautiful daughter.
    Cato       Anna's son.
    Daly       The fighter.
    Eurias       Found live-in work.
    Felicity       A shy girl.
    Gracie       A round ball of love.
    Everett       Investigator on Alice case.
    John       An Irishman who worked on Alice's case.
    Dothan       A man who also worked on Alice's case.
    Timmy       The Pastor's son.
    Pastor   John   Timmy's father.
    John Jr.       Timmy's brother.
    James   Hamlet   A Baltimore runaway.
7   Abena       Unmarried old woman.
    Ohene   Nyarko   Abena's childhood best friend.
    Mefia       Ohene's first wife.
    Osei   Tufu   The first Asantehene.
    Abro   Ni   The wicked man.
    Papa   Kwabena   One of the oldest men in the village.
    Aba       First woman who saw Ohene walk the path from Abena.
8   H       A man who only knows his name is "H".
    Cora   Hobbs   A white woman.
    Ethe       H's woman.
    Timothy       Arrested for causing a disturbance.
    Soloman       Arrested for stealing a nickel.
    Thomas (1)       White third-class man.
    Joecy       The man who comforted H's nervousness.
    Bull       A man with a burned face.
    Klansmen       The man who burned Bull's face.
    Dinah       Girl in the bar.
    Joe   Turner   Joecy's son. aka: Lil Joe.
    Mr.   John   Mining boss.
    Jane       Joecy's wife.
    Miz   Benton   Asked Ethe to read H's letter.
9   Akua       Abena's mother. aka: Deborah.
    Edweso       A white man swallowed alive by fire.
    Asamoah       Akua's husband.
    King   Prempeh I   Refused to allow British to take over Kingdom of Asante.
    Nana   Serwah   Akua's mother-in-law.
    Abee       Akua's daughter.
    Ama   Serwah   Akua's toddler.
    Kofi   Poku   A child who stumbled in front of Akua.
    Frederick   Hodgson   The British Governor.
    Yaa   Asentewaa   Edweso's own Queen Mother.
    Akos       A woman of the Edweso.
    Mambee       Ako's companion.
    Akwasi       The man who came to church every Sunday.
    Asase       A woman who also prayed to Anansi.
    Bia       Asase's daughter.
    Tano       Bia's brother.
    Yaw   Agyekum   Asemoah's son.
    Antwi   Agyei   Accused Akua that she killed her own children.
10   Willie       H's daughter.
    Bertha       Choir member who lead the sopranos.
    Dora       Lead the altos singers.
    Robert Willie       Willie's son. aka: Carson/Sonny.
    Josephine       Eli's daughter.
    Hazel       Willie's little sister.
    Robert   Clifton   Willie's husband.
    Bess       Carspn's baby sitter
        Morrises   Wealthy black family on Harlem's southern edge.
    Mrs.   Morris   Worked as seamstress.
    Eli       Willie's second husband. aka: Bro/Eli.
11   Edward       Math teacher in Roman Catholic School.
    Mrs.   Boahen   More concerned with dinner than with freedom.
    Peter       A very small boy.
    Edem       A timid boy.
    William       Yaw's student.
    Thomas (2)       William's classmate.
    Kwame   Adu   Said will wear blue coat when warrior comes.
    Esther       Marjorie's mother.
    Gifty       Kofi Polu's wife.
    Henry       Poku's son.
    Kukua       The old servant.
12   George   Lee   A Reverend shot while trying to register to vote.
    Rosa   Jordan   Woman shot riding in desegregated bus in Montgomery.
    Lucille       Sonny's ex-woman.
    Andrea       Etta's daughter.
    Rhonda       Sonny's second girl.
    Mohammed       Sonny's friend. aka: Johnny.
    Amani   Zulema   A small woman with deep voice.aka: Mary.
    Etta       Angela's daughter.
    Louis       The blind man.
13   Marjorie       Yaw's daughter.
    Tisha       Leader of the pack.
    Mrs.   Pinkston   Marjorie's English teacher.
    Graham       A man Marjorie is dating.
14   Marcus       Sonny's son.
    Diante       Marcus's best friend.
    Mrs.   MacDonald   Maarcus's teacher.
    Howard       Man who carried a slender cane.
    Ki       Diante's girl.