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Characters By Chapter
J. D. Hale
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1   Hannah   Matthews   Kate's best friend. Femme magazine recipe developer.
    David   Cabot   Kate's husband. Paramedic.
    Clover       Hannah's dog.
    Ben   Matthews   Hannah's husband. Architect. Partner at father's firm.
    Kate   Cabot   Hannah's best friend. aka: Katie/Katherine.
2   Ava   Cabot   Kate and David's eleven-year old daughter.
    Josie   Cabot   Kate and David's seven-year old daughter.
    Josephine       Kate's grandmother. Midwife. Deceased.
3   Jasmine       Hannah's college friend.
5   Claire   Todd   Hannah's younger sister. Lawyer. aka: Cee-Cee.
    Rosey       Works at Dr. Horwarth's Fertility office.
    Dr.   Horwarth   Doctor at West Coast Fertility.
10   Lyla       Used to work as a medical receptionist in Texas.
    George       Hannah's uncle.
11   Peter   Todd   Claire's husband. Lawyer at Todd & Associates.
    Luke       Lyla's eldest son.
    Jason       Lyla's husband. Security Guard.
    Johnny       Lyla's youngest son.
15   Lisa   Kadari   A doctor.
18   Ellen       Hannah's mother.
19   Evie   Matthews   Ben's mother.
    Nathan   Matthews   Ben's father.
    Sarah   Matthews   Ben's older sister. Deceased.
21   Susan       Edward's fiancĂ©e.
    Edward   McTavish   Kate's dad.
22   Dan   Cosgrove   Adoption facilitator.
    Cheryl   Huttner   Hanna's co-worker.
    Fred   Huttner   Cheryl's husband.
    Riley   Cosgrove   Dan's son.
    Jackson   Cosgrove   Dan's son.
    Owen   Cosgrove   Dan's son.
    Mary   Cosgrove   Dan's daughter.
    Kaileigh   Cosgrove   Dan's daughter.
    Heather Ann   Cosgrove   Can's wife. A physician.
    Hillary       Wants to adopt a child.
    Derek       Hilary's husband.
24   Shoana       Femme's Food Director and Hanna's boss.
25   Mina       Social worker.
26   Damon   Cumberland   Fertility attorney.
28   Cora   Cabot   David's mother.
29   Darlene       David and Kate's neighbor.
    Henry       Darlene's son.
30   Gerda       Ultrasound technician.
36   Braden       David's co-worker.
37   Trudy       Breast-feeding class instructor.
38   Jennifer       Babysitter. aka:Janet.
40   Ruby   Thoms   Hanna's friend in 5th grade.
    Darren       Hannah and Kate's schoolmate in 5th grade.
42   Annabel   Porter   Hannah and Ben's attorney.
45   Newman   Voss   Kate's neurologist.
46   Emma   Swartzman   Hannah and Ben's neonatologist.
            Neonatologist - medical care of newborn infants.
47   Tucker   Cabot   David's father.
49   Jackson   Harris   Dated Kate in college.
50   Lucy   Smithson   Works at San Francisco General.
51   Amelia Ellen   Todd   Claire and Peter's daughter.
52   Roger       Hannah's father. Deceased.
54   Rena   McTavish   Kate's mom.
    Susan       Rena's best friend.
59   Cole   Matthews   Hannah and Ben's son. aka: Colton (real name)
    Colton       David's grandfather. Deceased.