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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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2AliceEdevaneA writer.
 DaffydLlewellynAlice's childhood mentor.
 GrandmotherdeShielHenri's mother.
 Deborah Alice's older sister.
 Benjamin J.MunroOne of the gardeners. Aka: Ben.
 Mr.HarrisOne of the gardeners.
 EleanorEdevaneAlice's mother.
 Clementine Alice's younger sister. Aka: Clemmie.
 Laura Alice's friend.
 LordHallingtonLaura's boyfriend.
 HenrideShielEleanor's father.
 Edwina A golden retriever.
 Horace Alice's great-grandfather.
 Adam Mr. Harris's son.
 TheodoreEdevaneEleanor's son. Aka: Theo.
3SadieSparrowA young detective.
 Bertie Sadie's grandfather.
 MaggieBaileySadie's acquaintance.
 DerekMaitlandA journalist.
 Ashford A police superintendent.
 Donald RaynesSenior Investigating Officer. Aka: Don.
 Ash Sadie's dog.
 Ramsay Ash's brother.
 Caitlyn Maggie's daughter. Aka: Caty.
 NancyBaileyMaggie's mother.
 Ruth Sadie's grandmother.
5LouiseClarkBertie's new friend.
 Jack Bertie's acquaintance.
 Mrs.GardinerRuth's acquaintance.
 Mr.GardinerMrs. Gardiner's husband.
6PeterObelAlice's assistant.
 LucyTalbotPeter's mentor.
 DiggoryBrentAn ex-soldier.
 DavidObelPeter's brother.
 Jane Alice's editor.
7Dr.GibbonsEleanor's physician.
 AnthonyEdevaneEleanor's husband.
 Zephyr A tiger.
 Beatrice Eleanor's cousin.
 Constance Eleanor's mother.
 Vera Constance's sister.
8Vernon Eleanor's uncle.
 HowardMannAnthony's best friend.
9AlastairHawkerSadie's new friend.
 CliveRobinsonAssistant of the local police inspector.
 Doris Sadie's neighbor.
10Catherine Anthony's acquaintance.
11Steve Caitlyn's father.
 Gemma Steve's wife.
12Tom Deborah's husband.
 Linda Deborah's acquaintance.
13Pip One of Peter's companions.
 AbelMagwitchOne of Peter's companions.
 Cynthia Alice's acquaintance.
14Daisy One of the maids.
 Cook A housemaid.
 Hettie One of the maids.
 Florence Ben Munro's close friend. Aka: Flo.
15Bess (1) Clive's daughter.
16KeithTyrellDetective Chief Inspector.
18Maria Deborah's personal assistant.
19MargotSinclairThe headmistress of a fancy public school.
 Bess (2) Rose Waters' sister.
 ParrHopkinsA police inspector.
 Jenny Margot Sinclair's secretary.
20Dr.HeimerAnthony's physician.
21Mr.RogersBertie's neighbor.
 HarrySullivanDonald's friend. Aka: Sully.
 Jeremy Donald's nephew.
23Mrs.StevensonA housekeeper.
25Martin Eleanor's driver.
 MarjorieKemplingThe postmistress.
 Mr.NicolsonA farmer.
27M.DurandOne of Anthony's acquaintances.
 MmeFournierOne of Anthony's acquaintances.
 Sophie Durand's housekeeper.
 Louis Sophie's son.
28Dr.SteinbachAnthony's physician.
33 HeatherDetective investigator.
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