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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1Grace F. HealeyProtagonist.
 Frankie  Grace's friend and workmate.
 Thomas HealeyGrace's former husband. Deceased.
 Mark DorffTom's college roommate.
2Captain MichaelsThe royal air force attaché.
 Gregory WinslowDirector of Special Operations Executive.
    SOE - Special Operations Executive.
 Eleanor TriggChief recruitment officer SOE. Aka: Miss Trigg.
 Hans KrieglerA former concentration camp commandant. The head of SD.
3Marie RouxOne of Miss Trigg's radio operators.
 Tess RouxMarie's daughter.
 Aunt HazelMarie's aunt.
 Richard  Tess's father.
4Mortie  The hotdog vendor.
 Sam AltshulerA boy that Frankie helped.
 Queen Elizabeth IIQueen of United Kingdom.
 Marcia  Grace's childhood friend.
5Josephine WatkinsMarie's workmate. Aka: Josie.
 Madame PoirotJosie's French instructor.
 Brya  Marie's workmate.
6Colonel McGintyThe senior military official at Arisaig House.
 Professor DigglesbyA retired teacher from Magdalen College.
 Annette  One of Miss Trigg's radio operators.
 Maureen  A working-class girl from Manchester. Brya's colleague.
 Tatiana TriggMiss Trigg's sister.
9   SD - Sicherheitsdienst.
10Mr MacDougalA policeman who handles Miss Trigg's case.
 Harry TrumanThe current U.S. President.
 Sir MeachamThe consul.
11Julian BrookhouseThe circuit leader. One of SOE's secret agents. Aka: Vesper.
 Albert  One of the secret agents.
 Will RourkeThe pilot who organized Moon Squadron. Julian's cousin.
12Raquel  Mark's acquaintance in SOE.
 Tony  Raquel's husband. Mark's friend.
 Brian  An Archivist.
 Eileen NearneOne of the secret agents of SOE.
13Jane  A red-haired operator. Miss Trigg's assistant.
14Marie DubasThe legendary singer.
 Reba BrookhouseJulian's wife. Deceased.
15Annie RiderSally's sister.
 Sally RiderOne of Miss Trigg's radio operators.
16Lisette  The proprietor of the whorehouse.
18Dodds  The butler at the headquarters.
 Tompkins  One of the agents in SOE.
 Arlene O'TooleA trainee who dropped out of Arisaig House.
19Anders  The barkeep.
 Madame TuroutThe safe house's landlady.
 Claude TuroutMadame Turout's son.
20Marcia  Grace's girlfriend.
23Bernadette FlemmingGrace's sister.
24Thogden BarnettViolet's father.
 Violet BarnettOne of Miss Trigg's radio operators.
25Henri DuquetA man who works at French Resistance.
 Mick WillisMan who works for investigative section of War Crimes Group.
 Charlie DensonThe head prosecutor.
28Robert FrostAmerican poet.
29Simon WiseA family law lawyer.
 Samuel AltshulerA man who fostered Sammy.
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