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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part One
1PeteBanningA war hero. The man who killed Dexter.
 Mack Pete's blue tick hound.
 JoelBanningPete's son.
 StellaBanningPete's daughter.
 FlorryBanningPete's sister.
 Marietta Pete's cook.
 WilliamFaulknerA man that Pete met at a cocktail party before the war.
 Nineva Pete's secretary.
 DexterBellThe reverend at Clanton Methodist Church. Deceased.
 Liza S. BanningPete's wife.
 JackieBellDexter's wife.
 ChesterPurdueA church caretaker. Aka: Hop.
2RoyLesterThe town's policeman.
 Mrs.VandaladinghamDexter's neighbor.
 NixGridleyThe town's sheriff.
 RedArnettA policeman.
 Amos One of Mr. Pete's servants. Nineva's husband.
 JohnWilbanksA prominent lawyer. Pete's friend.
 RafeOswaltThe county's judge.
3JoshuaBanningPete's grandfather.
 MildredHighlanderJoel's friend. A widow who lived alone.
4LeonColliverPete's co-prisoner.
5VicDixonMildred's neighbor.
6MilesTruittA district attorney. The chief prosecutor.
 ChuckManleyPete's co-prisoner. An alleged car thief.
 Mr.NanceChuck's lawyer.
 EarlCaldwellOwner of the car Chuck stole.
 J.PLeatherwoodChuck's boss.
 Mr.MagargelA funeral owner.
 GloriaGrangeA devout member of the Methodist church.
7JacobBanningPete's father. Joel's grandfather.
8PhilHobardA science teacher at Clanton High.
 TyusSuttonOne of the jurors at Pete's trial.
 PaulCarlinOne of the jurors at Pete's trial.
 JoelFisherOne of the jurors at Pete's trial.
 MiltMuncieOne of the jurors at Pete's trial.
 HomerGalaxPete's jail trusty.
9ErrolMcleishA lawyer. A man who owns Jackie's house.
 GingerReedStella's best friend.
 TickPoleyA part-time jailhouse guard.
10RussellWilbanksJohn's brother.
12Mrs.FortenberryAn administrator at Building 41.
 Dr.HilsabeckLiza's doctor.
 MissTwylaFlorry's friend.
13ErnieDowdleA man who works at the courthouse basement.
 WalterWillyThe bailey.
 Penrod The custodian.
14JamesLindseyOne of the jurors at Pete's trial.
 DelbertMooneyOne of the jurors at Pete's trial.
 SlimFargasonA witness during Pete's trial. County's chancery clerk.
 DougCranwellA ballistics expert.
 Dr. FredBrileyA man who'd done the autopsy on the body of Dexter.
15AnthonyRusconiA major of the U.S. Army.
 DouglasMacArthurThe commander of the U.S. Force in the Philippines.
 Clay WamplerPete's colleague and friend.
16HalGreenwodOwner of a county store.
 WilburStackA war veteran.
17ReedTaylorA lawyer.
 HardyCapleyA cub reporter.
 BufordPavineThe Bannings's long-time foreman.
18JimParchmanThe first warden of the state prison.
 JimmyThompsonThe new state executioner.
 Willie MaeBraggA convict.
19FieldingWrightThe governor.
   Part Two
21Mrs.SweeneyLiza's mother.
22Jupe Amos and Nineva's grandson.
 Jupiter Jupe's mother.
24PresidentRooseveltThe current U.S. President.
 LewisBreretonThe air force commander during war.
 EdwinRamseyPete's platoon leader.
25SalMorenoAn Italian sergeant from Long Island.
 EwingKanePete's colleague.
 NedKingThe American commander.
 JackWilsonPete's colleague.
27EdwinRamseyLeader - last cavalry charge at Morong. Pete's commander.
 RobertTrumpettA soldier who was in charge of Twenty-Sixth.
29Hirohito The Japanese emperor.
 Amato A man who owned a forty-foot Filipino fishing rig.
30HelenWamplerClay's wife.
 Acevedo The man who helped Pete and Clay.
 DarellBarneyFormerly Captain of Eleventh Infantry Brigade.
31BernardGrangerA British hero from World War I.
 Camacho A Filipino veteran. Amerinoof Pete's Filipino Army.
32AlanDuboseA high-ranking official. Pete's colleague.
 Carlyle An American commander.
33CaptainMillerA soldier from Minnesota.
34Renaldo One of Pete's Filipino army.
35AgnesMurphyThe Banning's neighbor.
 ShirleyArmstrongLiza's close friend.
   Part Three
36AbbottRumboldThe ancient dictator of Chancery Court.
37BurchDunlapJackie Bell's lawyer.
39Dr.PotterAn economics professor.
 Dr.SatterfieldAn economics expert.
41ClaudeSkinnerThe attorney at law. Dunlap's witness.
 Myra Jackie's source of gossip.
42Mr.SweeneyLiza's father.
 Mary AnnMaloufA girl that Joel met.
46Beverly Liza's acquaintance.
 JackShenaultA tupelo sidekick.