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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1JaylaRobinsonA desperate woman with her live-in-partner.
 Charlotte AnnCollinsReal name of Jayla Robinson.
 JaredWylieA lobbyist.
 NelsonRockefellerA New York's governor.
2JoeGuntherA detective. aka: Joey.
 BeverlyHillstromA medical examiner.
 Gilbert Gunther's cat.
 Leo Joe Gunther's brother.
 TinaSackmanA biologist primarily focusing on DNA analysis.
 RyanPaineA police officer.
 KyleKennedyA motorist.
 LesterSpinneyAn old state police.
 Abigail E.MurrayA stubborn 10year-old girl.
 ColinGuyetteOne of the only two Windsor police officers.
3Dr.LacombeA diagnostic radiology specialist.
 WilliamKunkleVBI detective. aka: Willy.
 SamanthaMartensA detective. Willy's live-in partner. aka: Sammie.
 Emma Willy and Samantha's daughter.
 BillAllardVermont Bureau of Investigation's director.
4Mrs.GuntherJoe and Leo's mother.
 CharlesDickensEnglish writer and social critic.
 Sue A nurse. Lester's wife.
 Wendy One of Sue and Lester's children.
 Dave One of Sue and Lester's children.
5RachelReilingBeverly Hillstrom's daughter.
 FrederickWisemanAmerican documentary filmmaker.
6DevinLambertFormer government computer engineer.
 DominicGargiuloOne of Jared Wylie's men. aka: Nick.
7JamesFosterA member of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation agency.
 DeeRollinsPaine's widow.
8KeelyHooperAn engineer for Amtrak.
 AlClayA train security.
 SamuelJonesA man who presumably jumped from the train.
10MollyFosterOne of James Foster's colleagues.
 Brutus Lester's dog.
 Lorraine Kyle's sister.
11AaronHinkleThe Amtrak police in Springfield.
 DougMurphyWilly's acquaintance.
 AlexDormanHSI Special Agent.
13DonHeustisKyle Kennedy's landlord.
 MikeMcReadyVBI's captain.
 ChadRaneyKyle's friend.
 DanReilingRachel's father.
14Bob One of McReady's men.
 Louise Emma's baby sitter.
15SunnyMalikA man from Pakistan who owns a 'Pure Computers' shop.
 Amra Malik's wife.
 Sarah Amra's daughter.
16HarrietRobinsonJayla's mother.
 ThomasRobinsonJayla's father.
 Angela Charlotte's sister.
 TedMcTaggartAlbany's chief of detectives.
 ScottGagneA detective with Child/Family Services unit.
 McKenzi A dog.
17RobbHaagA former employee at Al-Tech Industries.
 Brenda Colin's acquaintance.
 ChristopherWalkerHaag's acquaintance. aka: Chris.
18ArchieBunkerA TV host.
 JamieWinslowJayla's former roommate at SUNY.
 Lizzie Jaymie's roommate.
 AaronGoldmanJayla's old boyfriend.
19DylanCollierRyan Paine's buddy.
20AlanSummersOwner of the Al-Tech Industries.
21John PatrickHartnettA police officer.
22Ned One of McReady's men.
24KeithCoryRobb Haag's friend.
26Jenn Lester's acquaintance.
 NicoleLaBrieA department's lieutenant.
 LisaSchambergA deputy sheriff.
 Brio Lisa's dog.
29EberhardDziobekAn author.
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