Characters - Alphabetical
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  Anderson Interrogator. aka: Sam.
Angela Susan Anton Chairman NTSB
Jeff Bernard Aviation safety expert. Former Air force Colonel.
Lindsay Boxer Narrator. Protagonist. SF homicide detective.
Jackson Brady SF police lieutenant. Lindsay's boss.
John Carroll June Freundorfer mentor. aka: number six.
Yuki Castellano Jackson Brady's wife. A lawyer.
Brett Chan Michael and Shirley Chan's 7-year old son.
Haley Chan Michael and Shirley Chan's 5-year old daughter.
Michael Chan Stanford Chinese history teacher.
Michael Chan Michael Chan's father.
Shirley Chan Michael Chan's wife.
Paul Chi SFPD Homicide Squad Sergeant.
Charlie Clapper Director of Forensic Unit at SFPD.
Richie Conklin SF homicide detective.
Dale Culver SFPD policeman.
Dr. DiDonato Examined Lindsay when someone attacked her.
Michael Dixon CIA agent.
  Dog Head Asian guy who assisted Mr. Soo. aka: dog.
  Dow SFPD policeman.
Jeffrey Allan Downey Freelance computer technician. aka: Jad
Liam Dugan Four Seasons security head.
Bunny Ellis A morgue technician.
Brooks Findlay Joe's former employer at the Port of Los Angles.
Evelyn Finley SFPD policewoman.
June Freundorfer Joe's former partner in the FBI.
Mr. Geary CIA agent. Red haired.
Dr. Germaniuk Pathologist. Claire's backup doctor.
Warren Jacobi SF Chief of Police.
Caroline Khan Alison's 13-year old daughter.
Khalid Khan Alison's husband. A composer.
Mitzi Khan Alison's 5-year old daughter.
Mr. Kingfisher Drug boss and murderer.
Christopher Knightly CIA agent.
  Lemke SF inspector/policeman.
Eugene Levy History Department Chairman at Stanford.
Ernest Ling Henry Yee's lawyer. aka: Daddy
Joan Ronan Maclean Bartender at Howling Wolf in Palo Alto.
Pamela Marshall Director of Pathology at Metropolitan Hospital.
Monty McAllister SFPD inspector.
Cappy McNeil Policeman. Paul Chi's partner.
  Michaels SFPD policeman.
Joe Molinari Lindsay's husband.
Julie Anne Molinari Joe and Lindsay's daughter.
Alison Muller Aptec executive. Stanford & MIT grad.
Fred Munder CIA agent. Wears glasses.
Leonard Parisi District Attorney.
Gloria Rose Lindsay's neighbor and nanny to her daughter.
  Samuels SF inspector/policeman.
Maria Silva Housekeeper at Four Seasons. A victim.
Mr. Slade CIA agent. Bald guy.
Mr. Soo Asian guy who attempted to kill Lindsay.
Edward Swanson SF policeman. Stole money and drugs.
Cindy Thomas SF Chronicle reporter. Fianc of Rich Conklin.
Stiles Paul Titherington Assistant football coach at Stanford.
Todd Traina Palo Alto Police Department lieutenant.
Jan Vanderleest Chief Investigator at NTSB.
Claire Washburn SFPD Chief Medical Examiner. Lindsay's friend.
Edmund Washburn Claire's husband.
Henry Yee Dishwasher at Mei Ling Happy Noodles.
Brenda   Department assistant at SFPD.
Brigid   Catherine's daughter.
Bud   Black guy. A Four Seasons Hotel victim.
Catherine   Lindsay's sister.
Chrissy   White woman victim at Four Seasons Hotel.
Jake   Asian guy who assisted Mr. Soo.
Lorraine   Waitress at Suzie's Caf.
Martha   Lindsay's dog - a Border-Collie.
Meredith   Catherine's daughter.
Miranda   Jocobi's date at Lindsay's dinner party.
Sandra   Yuki's client.
Susie   Owned Susie's Caf.
Sydney   Waitress at Macbain's - beer-and-burger joint.
Weisei   Asian guy who assisted Mr. Soo.