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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante 
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1ElspethMcGillicuddyThe woman who witnessed the train murder.
 Margaret Elspeth's friend.
 Robby Margaret's son.
 Jean Margaret's daughter.
 Hector Margaret's son.
 JaneMarpleElspeth's friend.
2Dr.HaydockJane's doctor.
 FrankCornishPolice officer. Jane's friend.
3Roderick Elspeth's son.
 HenryClitheringInspector Craddock's grandfather. Jane's friend.
 RaymondWestJane's nephew. Novelist.
 DavidWestJane's great nephew.
 Griselda Jane's friend.
 Leonard Griselda's son.
 FlorenceHillJane's old maid and servant.
 LucyEyelesbarrowJane's acquaintance. A famous and intelligent woman.
4  Rutherford Hall - A country house with extensive grounds.
 JosiahCrackenthorpeA very rich manufacturer. Built the Rutherford Hall.
 LutherCrackenthorpeJosiah's son. Lives in Rutherford Hall. Aka: Old Crackenthorpe.
 EdmundCrackenthorpeLuther's eldest son. Died in the war.
 EmmaCrackenthorpeLuther's daughter.
 Mrs.KidderThe Crackenthorpes' housekeeper.
 Mrs.HartThe Crackenthorpes' housekeeper.
 Mrs.KennedyEmma's friend.
 CedricCrackenthorpeLuther's son. Painter.
 HaroldCrackenthorpeLuther's son. Company director.
 BryanEastleyEdith's husband. Former Squadron Leader.
 EdithEastleyLuther's daughter. Deceased. aka: Edie.
 AlexanderEastleyEdith and Bryan's son. Luther's grandson.
5OldHillmanThe Crackenthorpes' deaf gardener.
 JamesStoddart-WestAlexander's school friend.
6InspectorBaconPolice inspector.
 Dr.QuimperLuther's doctor.
 Johnstone Police surgeon.
 Sanders Police officer.
7Mr.WimborneSenior partner Crackenthorpes' legal affair. Family lawyer.
8DermotCraddockA detective inspector from New Scotland Yard.
 HenryCrackenthorpeJosiah's son. Luther's brother.
12Wetherall A detective sergeant. Detective inspector's assistant.
13ThomasEadeCrackenthorpes' bank manager's son.
14ArmandDessinDermot's friend.
 MadameJoiletOwner of Ballet Maritski.
 AnnaStravinskaBallet dancer.
15Ellis Harold's secretary.
  CrodieHarold's workmate.
 DickyRogersHarold's friend.
 AliceCrackenthorpeHarold's other wife.
16GeraldineWebbJane's old friend.
17Dr.MorrisDr. Quimper's old, senior partner.
19SergeantLeakiePolice officer.
 WilliamBakerTicket collector at Brackhampton Station.
 JoshSimpskinsDr. Quimper's patient.
21Ernie Mrs. Kidder's son.
22LadyStoddart-WestJames's mother. Edmund's ex-wife. aka: Martine Dubois.
23Darwin Harold's manservant.
 SanRaphaelLady Alice's friend.
24RobertStoddart-WestMartine's husband.
25LorenzoTontiItalian banker.
 Mrs.StanwichWoman who poisoned and killed her own child.
26RonnieWellsThe solicitor's son from St. Mary Mead. Bryan's friend.