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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1George  The stranger who kidnapped Grace.
2Emma HarperGrace's mother. Jamie's aunt. aka: Emma Atkinson.
 Angie  Emma's next door neighbor.
 Jamie PalmerGrace's cousin. Stephanie's (1) son.
 Grace HarperMissing girl. Emma's daughter. Stephanie's (1) niece.
 Mr. AndersonShop owner of NewsAgent's.
    NewsAgent's - newspaper shop where Grace was last seen.
 Hannah  Angie's daughter. Grace's friend.
 Lee HinesDetective.
 Rachel BerryDetective.
 Amelia  Grace's friend.
 Matt HarperGrace's father. Emma's husband.
 Stephanie (1) PalmerGrace's aunt. aka: Stephanie Atkinson.
3Margaret TaylorRonnie's wife. Lost her son. aka: Maggie.
 Sandra  A woman that Maggie hates.
 Peter  Sandra's husband.
 Sarah PearsonMaggie's daughter.
4PC Nadia SharmaFamily Liaison Officer.
 Karl  Stephanie's (1) workmate.
5Mrs. WilsonGrace's teacher.
6Mrs. SharplesWorks at NewsAgent's. aka: Rose.
 Mr. GoodwinMaggie's acquaintane.
 Ronnie  Maggie's deceased husband. aka: Ron.
 Jim ArkwrightRonnie and Maggie's friend.
 Zoe PearsonMaggie's missing granddaughter.
 Patricia  Jim's aunt.
 Vera  Jim's deceased sister.
9Tommy DeeksGeorge's friend. aka: The Panther, Kevin Tranter.
10Robert JacksonDetective working on Zoe's missing case.
11Neil  Jamie's dad.
12David PearsonSarah's husband. Zoe's father.
13Deandra DivineAn old medium.
 Joanna  Neil's wife.
 Abigail  Grace's classmate.
17Mrs. CooperMaggie's neighbor.
 Mr. AustinMaggie's neighbor.
19Catherine (1) AtkinsonEmma and Stephanie's mother. aka: Milly.
20Alan  Ron's brother.
    Orange Tree Hill - The retirement home.
 Eileen  Woman at the Bingo House.
 Jack  Man at the Bingo House.
 Dee  Woman from the Bingo House. Knows that Zoe is still alive.
22Brian TadcasterA registered medium.
 John  Maggie's neighbor.
 Scott TaylorMaggie's son. A criminal.
23Geoff  George's friend.
 Catherine (2)  George's ally.
29Michael AtkinsonCatherine's (1) husband.
 Ben  Grace's neighbor. aka: Big Ben.
33Mark  Kid that Grace met on someone's garden.
 Beth  Kid that Grace met on someone's garden.
 Faye  Kid that Grace met on someone's garden.
 Nicola  Stephanie's workmate.
 Sandy  Stephanie's workmate.
 Jean  Emma's real mother.
 Luke  A boy that Stephanie liked when she was 13.
36Anna  Tom's ex-wife.
 Sylvia  Jim's wife.
38Andrew  Emma's workmate.
41Tom ArkwrightJim and Sylvia's son.
43Stephanie (2)  Catherine and Michael's deceased daughter.
55Anthony RawlinsonScott's assigned lawyer.
56Mrs. AbbottThe owner of the Bed and Breakfast.
57Maria LewisStephanie's psychologist.
58Sheila  The harlot from the Library.
 Eliot  Anna's son. Jim's grandson.