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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part 1
 MargeryFitzgeraldNed's lover. Ned's childhood friend.
 ReginaldFitzgeraldMargery's father. The town's current mayor.
 PriorPhilipThe monk who had commissioned the cathedral 40 years ago.
 BarnabasWillardNed's brother. Aka: Barney.
 Therese Ned's cousin.
 Caris The nun.
 MerthinFitzgeraldCaris's lover. The bridge-builder.
 JanetFifeThe Willard's housekeeper.
 Blanche Ned's aunt.
 Dick Ned's uncle.
 MalcolmFifeJanet's husband. The Willard's groom.
 Acorn Barney's favorite horse. Deceased.
 KingHenry VIIIThe town's current king. Queen Mary's father.
 PussLovejoyA seller.
 TomBuilderThe mason.
 JackBuilderTom's stepson.
 Naomi The elderly maid at Fitzgerald's.
 RolloFitzgeraldMargery's brother. Aka: Jean Langlais.
 MaryTudorThe Queen of England.
 EdmundWillardNed's father. Deceased.
 BartShiringMargery's fiance. The Viscount.
 AliceWillardNed's mother.
 JaneFitzgeraldMargery's mother.
 KingFelipeThe King of Spain. Queen Mary's husband.
 RalphFitzgeraldMerthin Fitzgerald. The former Earl of Shiring.
 GeraldFitzgeraldRalph and Merthin's father.
 EarlSwithinBart's father. The Earl of Shiring.
 PhilbertCobleyThe ship owner.
 DanielCobleyPhilbert's son.
 ElizabethTudorMary's half-sister. Aka: Princess Elizabeth.
 WilliamCecilThe estate manager of Princess Elizabeth.
 EdwardVIHenry VIII's son.
 MaryStuartThe Queen of Scots.
 PrinceFrancisMary Stuart's fiance.
 FrancoisDe GuiseThe Duke of Guise. Leader of the French Forces.
 Albin Ned's cousin.
 CarlosCruzEdmund's cousin.
 RuthCobleyNed's sister.
 SussanahBrecknockEarl Swithin's cousin. Countess of Brecknock.
 MaryMagdaleneThe patron saint of prostitutes.
 LordBrecknockSussanah's husband.
 DonalGlosterPhilbery's clerk.
2Pierre AumandeDe GuiseA student at Sorbonne University. The illegitimate son of one of the De Guise.
 Bertrand A gambler.
 Mr.LarivierePierrre's acquaintance.
 Villenueve The Viscount. Fellow student of Pierre.
 Bauchene The widow.
 GastonLe PinHead security of the De Guise family.
 Rasteau Gaston's officer.
 Brocard Gaston's officer.
 CharlesDe GuiseThe Cardinal of Lorraine. Francois's brother.
 SylviePalotThe girl that Pierre met.
 LucMariacGeorges' father. The cargo-broker.
 GeorgesMariacSylvie's admirer.
 Erasmusof RotterdamThe progenitor of Protestantism.
 IsabellePalotSylvie's mother.
 GilesPalotSylvie's father. The printer.
 Raphael The archdeacon.
 Guillame The Traveler. The pastor.
 JohnCalvinThe pastor and leader of protestants in Geneva.
 AlisonMcKayMary Stuart's best friend. The lady-in-waiting to Mary of Scots.
 CaterinaDe MediciThe Queen of France. Prince Francis's mother.
 KingHenri IICaterina's husband. The King of France.
3SisterJoanMargery and Rollo's great-aunt.
 CaptainBaconThe ship captain.
 SusanWhiteOne of Ned's former lovers.
 BishopJuliusThe bishop of Kingsbridge.
 Maddy Ned's tortoise-shell cat.
4JonathanGreenlandBarney's first mate.
 PedroRuizJeronima's father.
 JeronimaRuizThe girl that Barney adored.
 EbrimaDaboCarlos's African slave.
 Betsy Barney's great-aunt. Aka: Elisa.
 Rodrigo A Portuguese jeweler.
 Achmed Rodrigo's groom.
 SanchoSanchezThe council of the Seville metal guild.
 ValentinaVillaverdeThe girl Caros adore.
 Romero An archdeacon.
 FatherAlonsoA priest.
 FranciscoVillaverdeValentina's father.
 Jose AlanoCruzBetsy's husband. Aka: Youssef Al-khalil.
 Farah Jeronima's slave.
 IronhandGomezThe boat captain.
5Albin Ned's cousin.
 JanWolmanEdmund's cousin. Ned's uncle.
 HennieWolmanJan's wife.
 PriorPaulThe last prior of Kingsbridge.
 Matthewson The sheriff.
 PaulPetitThe clerk.
 ElijahCordwainerThe current Mayor.
 OsmundCarterThe watchmen leader.
 Mrs.PollardA protestant.
6Veronique De GuiseOne of Mary Stuart's distant cousins.
 Janice Alison's aunt.
 MarieDe GuiseMary Stuart's mother.
 LouiseDe NimesThe Marchioness of Nimes.
 AntoineDe BourbonThe King of Navarre. The enemy of the De Guise family.
7RodneyTilburyThe town's judge.
 SebChandlerTilbury's colleague.
 Canon StephenLincolnBishop Julius's sidekick. A priest.
 LukeRichardsThe Willard family friend. The dean of Kingsbridge.
8TomParryLady Elizabeth's treasurer.
 NeilBaynsfordLady Elizabeth's governess.
 ThomasSeymourThe man who schemed to marry Elizabeth.
 DavyMillerReginald's business representative.
 AdamCobleyDan's grandfather.
 DeborahCobleyDan's grandmother.
 Feria The count of Feria. Ned's acquaintance.
 SalBrendonSwithin's housekeeper.
 MaveBrownSwithin's cook.
 CollyKnightOne of Swithin's long-time workers.
 CardinalPoleThe archbishop of Canterbury.
 CanonRobinsonCardinal Pole's clerk.
 NicholasHeathThe most powerful man in England.
   Part 2
9FatherMoineauPierre's tutor.
 ReneDuboeufThe tailor.
 FrancoiseDuboeufRene's wife.
 HenriDe GuiseScarface's son.
 Odette Veronique's maid.
 Diane Henri's mistress.
 Malheruex The King's horse.
 AlainDe GuiseCharles's nephew.
10Gomez Barney's captain.
 Anouk The barmaid.
 HennieWolmanJan's wife.
 ImkeWolmanJan's daughter.
 FritsWolmanJan's son.
 JefWolmanJan's son.
 DaanWolmanJan's son.
 AlbertWillemsenThe metal supplier.
 BertjeWillemsenAlbert's wife.
 DrikeWillemsenAlbert's son.
 EviDirksAlbert's widowed sister. Ebrima's wife.
 MatthusWillemsenEvi's daughter.
 JonasBaconThe captain of Dan Cobley's boat.
11MotherLadoixThe mother superior.
 Nath Pierre and Odette's maid.
 Louis Antoine's younger brother. The prince of Conde.
 JacquesGroslotThe owner of Chateau Groslot.
 CharlesDe LouviersThe Assassin.
 Dr.PareThe King's doctor.
 KingCharles IXCatarina and King Henri II's son.
 Charles-Maximilien Caterina's 2nd son. Aka: King Charles IX.
 ClaudeRonsardThe deputy receiver of customs.
 KingJames VThe king of Scotland. Marie De Guise's husband.
 JamesStuartMary Stuart's brother. Ned's boss.
 JohnLeslieA Scottish priest.
 CardinalLouisScarface's brother.
 PastorMorelA catholic priest.
 GaspardDe ColignyThe admiral of France. The protestant leader.
 AnnaD'EsteThe Duchess.
 JeanDe PoltrotThe man who killed Duke Scarface.
12Duarte A Portuguese pilot.
 Ignacio Don Alfonso's secretary.
 Bella Alfonso's niece. Barney's lover.
 Silas One of Barney's crewmen.
13GrannyHarboroughThe oldest resident in Shiring.
 RobinTwyfordThe man Sussanah likes.
 AlvaroDe la QuadraThe Spanish ambassador.
 Peggy One of Margery's maids.
 Mick Margery's dog.
 FatherJeremiahThe parson of St. John.
 GeorgeCoxThe grave digger.
 EileenMalcolmJane and lame's daughter.
   Part 3
14ClementMarotThe poet.
 Margherita The Duchess of Parma. The illegitimate half daughter of King Felipe.
 PieterTitelmansThe chief inquisitor.
 Mathus Ebrima's stepson.
 Huus The Canon of Antwerp cathedral.
 Samson Carlo's dog.
 Egmont The executioner.
15LordDarnleyMary's lover.
 EarlBothwellThe man who killed Lord Darnley.
 WilliamDouglasThe owner of Loch Leven.
 LadyAgnesWilliam Douglas's wife.
 LadyMargaretWilliam Douglas's mother.
 AlistairHoeyGeorge's companion.
16Bartlet Margery's son.
 NoraJosephMargery's youngest maid. One of Bart's mistresses.
 FatherMonkA former Monk at Kingsbridge Priory.
 Russet The horse that Margery ordered.
 PiusVThe current Pope.
 PaulTinsleyThe lawyer who was clerk for the peace of the town.
 LeonardPriceWilliam Allen's associate.
 WilliamAllenLeader of the exiled English Catholics.
 FrancisWalsinghamThe spymaster. The mediator at the conference.
17AphroditeBeaulieuCount Beaulieu's daughter.
 RobertoRidolfiThe Pope's agent in England.
 PrincessMargotHenri De Guise's fiancĂ©. The Queen of Navarre.
 MarquisDe LagnyThe Protestant aristocrat.
 Jean The leader of the French Protestant Army.
 PrinceWilliamThe Prince of Orange. The leader of the Dutch.
 Marianne The Countess of Beaulieu. Aphrodite's mother.
 Hercule-Francis Margot's brother. King Henri III's brother.
 BernardHousseA young courtier.
 GeorgesBironPierre's chief spy. The lord of Montagny.
18PabloTrujiloThe new rum seller.
 MauricioMartinezBella's acquaintance.
 Barnardo AlfonsoWillardBella and Barney's son.
19CaptainLuzeThe Huguenot leader.
 AnnaD'EsteHenri De Guise's mother.
20JeanLe CharronThe wealthy printer book-seller.
 Cosseins King Charles's head of security.
21MalRoperThe catholic fisherman.
 PegRoperMal's wife.
 Roger Margery and Ned's son.
 Valerie The Forneron's daughter. Alfo's girlfriend.
   Part 4
22MichelServetThe catholic man that the protestant burned to death.
 GiovanniCastelliThe current Pope.
 ClaudeMatthieuThe rector of the professed Jesuits.
 FrancisThrockmortonRollo's messenger.
23PegBradfordA laundress.
 RobertDudleyThe Earl of Leicester.
 RalphVentorThe gentleman of the court.
 JohnSomerfieldOne of the Warwickshire Catholics.
24Garcon Alison's pony.
 AmiasPauletAlison's jailer.
 GilbertGiffordThe highly dangerous agent of the enemies of Queen Elizabeth.
 ClaudeNauMary's long-time secretary.
 AnthonyBabingtonRolloy's ally.
 ThomasGorgesThe emissary from Queen Elizabeth.
 WilliamDavisonThe secretary of the state.
25GuillameForneronValerie's father. The cambric-maker.
 Helga Barney's new wife.
 FrancisDrakeThe vice admiral.
 WilliamBoroughDrake's deputy. A famous navigator.
26BernardinoDe MendozaSpain's ambassador.
 MedinaSidoniaThe admiral of Armada.
 Juan MartinezDe RecaldeSidonia's vice admiral.
 LordHowardQueen Elizabeth's naval commanders.
 JohnHawkinsQueen Elizabeth's naval commanders.
 ThomasFlemingCaptain of the golden hind.
 CharlesHowardThomas's admiral.
 BillCooryBarney's master gunner.
27Colli The captain of Duke Henri's night watch.
 CharlotteOf SauvesDuke Henri's current mistress.
 FrancisD'OThe financial superintendent.
 Revol Duke Henri's secretary of state.
 Montsery King Henri's bodyguard captain.
 Swithin Earl Bartlet's 1st son.
 Roley Earl Bartlet's 2nd son.
 Cecilia Bartlet's wife.
 Dot The young nurse.
 Maximus Margery's dog.
 RichardGrimesThe Kingsbridge builder.
   Part 5
28KingJames VIMary Stuart's son. King of Scotland.
 QueenAnneKing James VI's wife.
29PhilipHerbertThe bridegroom. Earl of Pembroke's son.
 SusanDe VerePhilip's wife. William Cecil's granddaughter.
 GuyFawkesPhilip's friend. Rollo's apprentice. Aka: John Johnson.
 ThomasPercyRollo's co-conspirator.
 EllenSkinnerA coal merchant.
 Jack Margery and Ned's grandson. Roger's son.
 Pearce The firewood supplier.
 Radcliffe The corrupt captain.
 LordMonteagleRobert's acquaintance.
30Suffolk The earl of Suffolk
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