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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1Margaret One of the nursing sisters.
 Capt.BartlettShip captain.
 ElizabethCrawfordNarrator. AKA: Bess.
 ArthurGrahamOne of Bess's patients.
 Eileen Irish nurse.
 MarilynJohnsonOne of the nursing sisters.
 Browning Miss Crawford's friend. Soldier.
 Dr.BrightonOne of the army doctors.
 Dr. Paterson One of the army doctors.
 HarryDykeOne of the officers.
 Lawes Third officer.
 BarbaraMercerOne of the nursing sisters.
 Lucy One of the nurses.
2RichardCrawfordCareer officer. Bess's father.
 Mrs.HennesseyBess's guardian.
 Marianne Bess's flat mate.
 AmbroseGrahamArthur's father.
 PeterNevilleAmbrose's wife's cousin.
 FlorenceNightingaleRichard's colleague.
3Dr.PriceBess's doctor.
 JonathanGrahamArthur's brother.
 SimonBrandonBess's friend.
 JackFranklinBess's former neighbor.
 Capt.BanksCaptain. Bess's acquaintance.
 RobertDouglasMrs. Graham's right-hand man.
 Susan Mrs. Graham's maid.
 Dr.PhilipsMrs. Graham's doctor.
 TimothyGrahamArthur's brother.
4TedBookerDr. Philips's patient. AKA: Theodore Russell Booker.
 HarryBookerTed's brother.
 Dr.HadleyThe Crawford's former doctor. Deceased.
 PeregrineCrawfordArthur's half brother.
 Mrs. HesterClaytonOne of the old spinsters. A seamstress.
 SallyBookerTed's wife.
 MarionDentonSally's mother.
5Mrs.NicholsThe Graham's cook.
 ChristopherMontgomeryThe rector.
 MattyWestThe Graham's old housekeeper. Susan's mother.
6Elayne Bess's former flat mate.
 Anthony Elayne's lover.
7Mr.LessingMontgomery's organist.
 Craig Montgomery's predecessor.
 Mrs.TurnerOne of Graham's neighbors.
8InspectorGaddPolice inspector.
 InspectorHowardThe new inspector.
 Margaret Ambrose's first wife.
 NathanApplebyPeregrine's tutor.
10Mrs.OldsleyAsylum housekeeper.
 LadyParsonsFrederick's widow.
11Mrs.GladwynnRichard's tailors.
 Mr.StanleyMr. Gladwynn's clerk.
12LilyMercerThe girl Peregrine killed.
 DianaJamesOne of Bess's flat mates.
 Ralph Diana's boyfriend.
 TerrenceOwensCab driver.
 Mrs.GaddInspector Gadd's widow.
 Hutter The owner of the barn where Timothy was found.
 Mrs.WallaceThe laundress.
13Mary Appleby's wife.
 SarahCunninghamMary's neighbor.
14SimonBrandonColonel Sahib's colleague.
 Mrs.TalbotLily's former employee.
 Daisy Lily's coworker.
 Mr.HomerDaisy's employer.
 Dr.SinclairThe Asylum's doctor.
16 HeppleThe doctor removed from Barton's Asylum.
17Mrs.VentonNursing burn victims.
 Mr.JohnsonTea house owner.
 ConstableBrewsterPolice constable.
 Capt.RaynorColonel Sahib's former colleague.
 Margaret Raynor's wife.
 William Raynor's son.
18Mr.FreemanBess's driver.
 MelindaCrawfordColonel Sahib's old acquaintance.
 Shanta Melissa's caretaker.
 Ram Melinda's majordomo.
19ConstableMasonThe policeman who arrested Peregrine.
 Mr.BatemanThe man who helped Bess.
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