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Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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Epigraph   A. Y.   Vyshinsky   Main prosecutor.
    Alexander   Rostov   The Count. aka: Sasha. Middle name: Ilyich.
        Ignatov   Prosecutor.
1922       Arkady   Hotel desk captain.
    Valentina       Hotel cleaner.
    Pasha       Bellhop.
    Helena   Rostov   Alexander's sister.
    Andrey   Duras   Restaurant "Boyarsky" Maitre d'.
    Vasily       Hotel concierge.
    Marina       Seamstress.
    Mishka       Rostov's good friend from his youth.
An Anglican...       Filippov   A baker.
    Yuri       Food delivery boy.
    Konstantin   Konstantinovich   A Greek money lender.
    Emile   Ahukovsky   Boyarsky chef.
            "Mille-Feuille" is a French pastry. aka: a "Napoleon".
An Appt.   Yaroslav   Yaroslavl   Metropol barber.
    Fatima   Federova   Florist - now closed.
Acquaintance   Audrius       Shalyapin bartender.
Anyway   Nina   Kulikova   Princess in training.
An Assembly       Halecki   Hotel Manager.
Archeologies       Tarakovsky   Party Secretary.
    Mikail   Fyoderonch   Rostov's friend, aka: Mishka.
    Dane   Thompson   Archeologist.
Advent   Nikolai   Petrov   A Prince and Rostov's friend.
        Bishop   Waiter.
An Actress       Kutuzov   The cat.
        Mayakovsky   Poet
        Zelinsky   Poet
    Katerina   Litinova   Kiev poet.
    Anna   Urbanova   Movie star.
    Oleg       Room service person.
Addendum   Olga       Urbanova's dresser.
1924       Soslovsky   Party functionary.
    Bishop   Leplevshy   Waiter.
1926-Adieu   Boris       Nina's friend.
    Abram       Handyman.
    Stepan   Makarov   Commander, Imperial Russian Navy.
    Charles   Abernethy   Bar acquaintance.
1930   Grisha       Bellhop.
    Genya       Bellhop.
        Stanislav   Sous-chef.
An Afternoon   Ivan   Rosotsky   Filmmaker. Discovered Anna Urbanova.
An Alliance   Vladimir       Very large guard.
    Osip   Glebnikov   Former Colonel. Party member.
            A "kulak" is a peasant wealthy enough to own a farm.
1938   Polina   Molotova   Wife of the Foreign Minister (Molotov).
    Sofia       Nina's daughter.
Adjustments   Martyn       Waiter.
Ascending   Denis       Waiter.
    Dmitry       Waiter.
    Natasha       Chambermaid.
            "Elision" is an omission of a passage in text.
    Victor   Shalamov   Senior Editor at Goslitizdat - publishing house.
1946 - Antics   Ilya       New sous-chef.
    Rodion       Night doorman.
    Dr.   Lazovsky   Surgeon.
    Dr.   Antonovich   Dr. Lazovsky's medical assistant.
    Richard   Vanderwhite   American the Count met in Hotel bar.
1950   Viktor   Stepanovich   Hotel orchestra conductor. Last name Skadovsky.
1952   Matej   Sirovich   Professor at Leningrad State University.
1953   Ivan   Frinovsky   Director Red October Youth Orchestra - Leningrad.
Arrivederci   Pudgy   Webster   American vending machine salesman.
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