Characters - Alphabetical
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ValerieAlston-HoltXavier's father.
XavierAlston-HoltJuniper's friend.
LottieCorbettJuniper's grandma. Julia's mother.
EllenDavisPresident of Oak Knoll HOA.
TonyEvansThe county district attorney.
RobertFrostA poet.
MamaGinnyValerie's mother. Zay's grandmother.
KelliHanesJulia's neighbor who invited her to join a book club. A nurse.
CarlHarringtonZay's lawyer.
TomHolt-AlstonValerie's husband.
JimmyJamisonBrad's friend.
JimmyJamisonBrad's friend built house near the Whitmans in Oak Knoll.
ShielaJamisonJimmy's wife.
BelindaJohnsonAn Oak Knoll book club member.
ChrisJohnsonValerie's lover.
Ed LevinsonThe boat broker.
CarrieLewisMark's girlfriend.
MarkLewisBrad's accountant.
JackMartindaleA former Oak resident who took a job with NASA.
LyleMortonZay's neighbor.
RosaMortonZay's neighbor. The octogenarian.
LisaOrleanOne of the members of the Oak Knoll Book Club.
UncleRayA creep.
Ms. SheridanThe nurse.
BradWhitmanOwner of Whitman HVAC. Juniper's step-father.
JuliaWhitmanBrad's wife. Juniper's mother.
KatieWhitmanBrad's mother. Juniper's grandmother.
LilyWhitmanJuniper's sister.
RickWhitmanBrad's father.
Andrea Zay's classmate.
Brenda The receptionist who'd been hired after Julia.
Brooks Tom's great uncle.
Cindy A Whitman HVAC employee.
Dawshan Zay's best friend.
Doofus Karen's old hound.
Ellen Valerie's neighbor.
Esther An Oak Knoll Book Club member.
Evan The commercial producer.
Gail Brad's part-time employee.
Hank Esther's husband.
Jeff Brad's brother.
Jeff Juniper's neighbor.
Joseph Zay's best friend.
Karen Juniper's babysitter.
Kathi Juniper's classmate. Meghan's sidekick.
Kyle Zay's uncle.
Mabel Lottie's best friend.
Marco Zay's classmate.
Marina The makeup artist.
Matthews The reverend.
Meghan Juniper's sassy classmate.
Michael Pepper's boyfriend.
Michelle Valerie's colleague.
Mr. Hopkins Zay's English teacher.
Patty Julia's boss.
Pepper Juniper's friend.
Pritzy Ellen's Labradoodle.
Rachel Zay's fling.
Talia Chris's daughter.
Wilson A prominent lawyer.