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Characters By Chapter
Elizabeth Robinson
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ProMaisieDobbsPrivate inquiry agent & psychologist. A nurse during WWI, graduate of Girton College in Cambridge, the protagonist
 Dr. MauriceBlancheMaisie's mentor, former employer, deceased
 FrankieDobbsMaisie's father, head groomsman for Lady Rowan Compton
 Lady RowanComptonDuchess, mother of James
 Mrs. BrendaBromleyMaisie's cook
 CharlesWickhamOne of the policemen following Maisie
 DCS RobertMacFarlaneSuperintendent of Special Branch at Scotland Yard
1Billy BealeMaisie's assistant
 DoreenBealeBilly's wife
 JamesComptonMaisie's love interest, son of Lord Julian & Lady Rowan, heir to Dukedom, former employer, head of family's Corporation
 SandraTapleyFormer employee at Ebury Place mansion, the Compton's London home, friend of Maisie
 EricTapleySandra's husband
 DCSummersDetective Constable at Scotland Yard
 CalumGuthrieMacFarlane's mentor, deceased
 BrianHuntleySecret Service agent
 Priscilla EverndenPartridgeMaisie's long-time friend
 PeterEverndenPriscilla's brother, former intelligence agent
 GrevilleLiddicoteSenior Fellow at Cambridge, author of children's books, pacifist during WWI, founded St. Francis College, Cambridge in 1920
2RegMartinEric Tapley's boss at the garage
 DouglasPartridgePriscilla's husband, a writer
3Mrs.CrawfordCook at Chelstone when Maisie was a student at Girton
 RosemaryLindenLiddicote's secretary at St. Francis College
 Dr. MatthiasRothProfessor at St. Francis, Liddicote's deputy
 Dr. FrancescaThomasProfessor of French literature at St. Francis
 DelphineLangTeaching assistant at St. Francis
 Dr. AlanBurnhamProfessor of classics at St. Francis
5DunstanHeadleyBenefactor of St. Francis College
 HubertStoneLawyer with Stone, Tupper & Pearce in Cambridge
 DCI RichardStrattonPolice investigator
 TomSarronPolice pathologist
6LizzieBealeBilly's deceased daughter
 Mrs.BealeBilly's mother
8CyrilLindenResident of Ipswich, possible relative of Rosemary Linden
 Rose ThurlowLindenCyril's sister-in-law, deceased
 MaryLindenCyril's wife
9MissHawthorneBookkeeper for St. Francis College
 WilliamWallingBusinessman whose office Sandra broke into
 JenniferPenhaligonProfessor at Somerville College, Cambridge, who provided an academic reference for Francesca Thomas
 RobsonHeadleyDunstan's son, student at St. Francis, seeing Delphine Lang, on the debate team
10MartinHeadleyDunstan's eldest son, killed in WWI
11Hans WilhelmThostJournalist, leader of the London group of the Ortsgruppe
 Mrs.HawkinsPriscilla's cook
12MichaelKleinMaisie's solicitor
13ClarenceChenHalf-Chinese mob boss in Limehouse, expert in martial arts
14Dr. TrevorPetitLecturer in politics & history at King's College
 ArthurHendersonRetired professor, former colleague of Liddicote
 Mrs.MillsHenderson's housekeeper
 DavidThurlowRose Linden's nephew, conscientious objector during WWI, died in prison
 AdamThurlowSon of David, one of Alice's brothers
 AliceThurlowRosemary Linden's real identity, daughter of David
 AmberThurlowDaughter of David, Alice's sister
 AlfieThurlowSon of David, Alice's other brother, a student
15UrsulaThurlowAlice's mother, David's widow, wheelchair-bound with a nerve disease (probably MS)
 DICaldwellDetective Inspector at Scotland Yard
 Mr.CarterHead servant at Chelstone Manor
17Dieter Husband of Francesca Thomas, captured & died in WWI
18Mr.JudgeConstruction foreman at the Ebury Place refurbishment project
 TarquinPartridgePriscilla's youngest son
 Elinor The Partridge sons' governess
19Daniel One of Maisie's philosophy students at St. Francis
 RebeccaInglessonAnother St. Francis student
 Fred Another St. Francis student
EpiMargaret RoseBealeBilly & Doreen's new baby
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