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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Anahera-RawiriSpencer-AshbyProtagonist. Aka: Ana.
 Edward Anahera's dead husband.
 JosephineWilson-TaufaAnahera's best friend. Aka: Josie.
 NikauMartinOne of Anahera's childhood friends.
 PeterJacobsAnahera's old schoolmate. A garage owner.
 ShaneHennesseyThe famous Irish writer and teacher.
2WilliamGallagherThe Golden Cove's police. Aka: Will.
 Mrs.KeithThe next-door house before Golden Cove. Matilda's friend.
3NiamTaufaJosie's son.
 MiriamaHinewai-TutaiaJosie's maid. Matilda's niece. Missing. Aka: Miri.
 JuliaLeeJosie and Anahera's childhood friend.
 TomTaufaJosie's husband.
5DominicDe SouzaThe town doctor. Miriama's lover.
 Christine TierneyAnahera's childhood friend.
6DanielMayKeira's new husband.
 VincentBakerAnahera's childhood friend.
8Kev One of Josie's crews.
 Tamati One of Josie's crews.
 Boris One of Josie's crews.
9MatildaTutaiaMiriama's aunt. Aka: Atarangi.
 Steve Matilda's live-in boyfriend.
 TaniaMeikleThe woman who last saw Miriama.
10GaryMeikleTania's husband.
 Alice Tania's sister.
 Lisa Alice's friend.
11HaetaRawiriAnahera's mother.
12Matthew A Golden Cove regular.
 JasonRawiriAnahera's father.
13SusanPerdueAn organic grower.
15DanielMay Sr.Daniel's father.
17Kahurangi Matilda's sister. Miriama's mother.
 KyleBakerVincent's brother.
18PastorMarkThe Town's Priest.
19TeArikiMiriama's first boyfriend.
 Ngaio Ariki's mother.
22ChristchurchManThe possible suspect.
 JemimaBakerVincent's wife.
23JasperBakerVincent and Jemima's son.
 ChloeBakerVincen and Jemima's daughter.
24FidelCoxThe man who molested Miriama.
25GlendaAndersonThe Head of Tourism Center at Golden Cove.
 Hamish A lawyer.
28Keir Keira's dead brother.
32DaniellaHartWill's ex-lover.
35Cupcake Julia Lee's bulldog.
36ShannonChenThe watch seller.
37AaronChenShannon's twin.
38SiobhanGenoveseThe jeweler.
39AlfieHartWill's son.
41Claire Mika's sister.
 Mika Claire's sister.
44MatthewTekaA hunter. Will's friend.
49Raewyn ClarkWill's neighbor.
 Robert A police officer.
 KimTurnbullWill's colleague.
 Ankita Will's colleague. A nurse.
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