Characters - Alphabetical
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Dr.BakerJames's physician.
FatherDavidA priest.
MlesDavisJames's new roommate.
JohnEverettOne of James's roommates.
BobFreyJames's father.
JamesFreyAn American author and businessman. Aka: Jimmy.
MattyJacksonFormer undisputed Featherweight Champion of the World.
DavidStevensA dentist.
Adrienne One of James's friends.
Amy One of James's friends.
Andy One of James's friends.
Anna One of James's friends.
Bob Jr. James's brother.
Bobby One of the patients.
Clay One of James's friends.
Courtney One of James's friends.
Daniel A counselor at the Family Center.
David A boy who was placed in a coat box.
Eben One of James's friends.
Ed One of the patients.
Ella Miles's daughter.
Emily James's acquaintance.
Eric Roy's friend.
Fred A boy who had a broken nose.
Freddy A low-level dealer.
Geena Michelangelo's wife.
Ginny Len's wife.
Hank A driver.
Ira One of Bald Man's neighbor.
Jack Roy's alter ego.
Jennifer Laura's sister.
Joanne The Staff psychologist.
Jody One of James's friends.
Julie One of James's friends.
Keith Lincoln's acquaintance.
Ken The Unit Recovery Counselor.
Kevin One of James's friends.
Kirk One of James's friends.
Larry One of James's roommates.
Laura The Bald Man's daughter.
Len One of Bald Man's neighbor.
Leonard One of the patients.
Lilly One of the patients.
Lincoln The Unit Supervisor.
Lucinda One of James's friends.
Lynn James's mother.
Matt One of James's friends,
Michael 1 One of the patients.
Michael 2 A boy who was tricked in a hole.
Michelangelo Leonard'd adoptive father. Aka: Mikey.
Michelle James's friend.
Randall A lawyer.
Rob James's acquaintance.
Roy A model patient.
Sean One of James's friends.
Snapper One of Leonard's closest friends.
Sophie One of the addicts in an AA group.
Ted One of the patients.
Terry Bald Man's wife.
Tina Terry's wife.
Tony Husband of an alcoholic.
Warren One of James's roommates.